Rebel by Brittany Crowley



I refuse to tarnish my family name. The doubts only fuel me to be the fiercest fighter anyone’s ever seen.


With every hit, I’ll flip the bird at society standards, busting down the walls for a female generation to reign. 


With my first fight looming, a little time away from the headlines is exactly what I need. It was just supposed to be a road trip with my best friends. I didn’t plan on Joss showing up, the man who blatantly turned me down on the most embarrassing night of my life. He’s here to keep me safe, and for the first time, I have nowhere to run. 


When the day comes, I’m going to prove I’m not just a Cage, I’m the Cage.

This is a standalone, brother’s best friend romance.

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read by Brittany Crowley but I know after this that it will not be the last. I loved Rebel and I completely feel like I am part of Rebel’s Army. This book is sweet yet sexy and had me totally addicted whilst taking me through a whole range of different emotions.

Emerson ‘Rebel’ Cage has grown up surrounded by strong men as her dad is Zander ‘Hitman’ Cage, a world MMA champion. Her uncles and cousins are also in the world of MMA but as the baby of the family she has always been discouraged from taking up fighting. But it is in Rebels blood and along with her best friend Leo she has been training in secret waiting for her big break. But at the same time she has to handle growing up in the limelight, which is something that she struggles with and causes her to act out in public situations. This causes her to get the nickname Rebel as her rebellious streak runs wild. But hired to protect her is her bodyguard and brothers best friend Josiah ‘Joss’ Kent.

When Emmy, Leo and their friend Penny run off on a road trip to help Leo get over his failed relationship. But just before they took off it was announced that Rebel will get her first MMA fight and the media coverage picks up. As they took off without protection Joss and Danny race off to find them and agree to stay with them during their trip.

Joss is a sexy as hell bodyguard who has dreams of starting his own security firm and working for his best friends’ family will help him get there. What he doesn’t know is that Emmy has had a crush on him for the last six years since she was 16 years old. But he has never seen her as anything more than Danny’s best friend until things start to change on this trip. She becomes his Princess and his mission stops being about protecting her and becomes more about making her his!

Rebel is such a strong, likeable character. Rebels’ army is created by women who liked the fact that Emmy was the anti-hero that she was not afraid to be different and be herself and that made her so likeable and relatable. Joss was so incredibly sweet and once he decided that he wanted Emmy he stopped at nothing to make her his. Their chemistry was sexy and the sex scenes smouldered making me want so much more.

I loved the secondary characters in this book and I am hoping that they all get their own books and find their loves. We see the start of a relationship between Rebels brother Danny and her best friend Penny which I would love to find out more about. Her sister Quinn meets a mystery man that gets her blood boiling but she doesn’t think she will ever see him again and doesn’t even know his name and this made me deeply intrigued. I would also like for Leo to meet the man of his dreams and sexy MMA fighter Gage deserves to find a feisty woman. I am hoping that Brittany feels the same and I will be reading more about these characters in the very near future.

Overall I thought this book was funny, sweet and incredibly hot. It gives hope to everybody out there who is hoping that their childhood crush will suddenly notice them and that they will live happily ever after. But most importantly it empowers women to be strong, be themselves and never stop fighting for what they want. I am most definitely a part of Rebels Army and I know when you read this book you will be too!

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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