Boss I Love To Hate by Mia Kayla

Book Blurb:

Dear Mr. Brisken,

How do I hate you?
Let me count the ways.

>I hate your smug, sexy millionaire face.
>I hate your cocky, skirt chasing, playboy ways.
>I hate working as your secretary–but, I love the pay. It almost makes dealing with you worth it.

>I hate how my friends call you a BILF, when really BILK (Boss I’d like to kill) is more appropriate. 

>I hate that I need you to be my date for my best friend’s wedding because my ex-boyfriend, the King of Heartbreakers, and his new busty blonde girlfriend will be in attendance.

>But mostly, I hate how once the charade is over, I might not hate you at all . . .it was so much easier when you were the Boss I Love To Hate.

My Review:

This book is a fantastic, slow burn with comedic elements that will leave you with a massive smile on your face at the end. It’s a classic love story that centres around the idea that you don’t always realise that what you are looking for in life might have been right under your nose the whole time. But when you do find them you have to fight, hold on and never let go. This book epitomises that belief and that is what makes it such a superb read.

Sonia has been working for her irritating boss for the last two years now. He is a billionaire who owns the family business with his two brothers. He is cocky, arrogant and sometimes just plain rude because he is so focused on his work and that is what makes him extremely good at his job. Sonia pushes back, not wanting to be the secretary who gets pushed about and this allows a banter to develop within their relationship. When Sonia was hired to be Brad’s secretary he had gone through six secretaries in just six months. The only job requirements were to make sure that he gets organised and to stay out of his bed, something the last ones had failed to do. But when she started Sonia was in a serious relationship and head over heels in love with Jeff and as a result Brad, despite how unbelievably gorgeous he is, soon became known as her BILK (Boss I’d Like to Kill). But things didn’t work out with Jeff and for the last eight months Sonia has been left heartbroken, not that Brad even realised or saw how effected Sonia was by the break-up. But all of that was about to change.

Brad has always wanted to find true love. He was getting bored of picking up the wrong kind of women, going on a few dates, having sex and then losing interest. It happened every time and the women did not always take his refusal well. Whilst he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his parents and older brother to find happiness and love, he is unsure if it’s on the cards for him. So instead Brad throws himself into his work and spending time with the only two female loves of his life; his niece’s Sarah, aged 12 and Mary aged 5. Brad’s family have faced so much heartbreak in the past resulting in Brad and his younger brother Mason moving into their childhood home with Charles and his daughters to help raise them. They are a very close family so when Charles and his new wife go on honeymoon for a month Brad and Mason step in to babysit. But whilst Brad is responsible for the girls Sarah gets her first ever period and he is in well over his head so he asks the only female that he trusts for help letting Sonia into his family. But she will only agree to help if he does her a favour, which he instantly agree to without even knowing what it is. She asks him to go with her to her friend’s wedding as her date because her ex-boyfriend Jeff and his new, very attractive girlfriend will also be there. Sonia has not fully moved on from her old relationship and she stalks the new girlfriend on social media causing her to feel jealousy towards her. Brad agrees to go to the wedding because he will do anything for his niece Sarah and the more time he spends with Sonia he starts to think he might do anything for Sonia too. The wedding and pretending to be a couple turns out to be the turning point in their relationship. But can Sonia forget about the past, put her job on the line and fall for her BILK? Can Brad be trusted to fall for a girl and not lose interest straight after sex?

I loved Brad and Sonia’s relationship because it developed in such a life-like and realistic way. Their relationship started off as pretend and fake until they both realised they were not really pretending at all. But then Brad needs to help Sonia get over her heartbreak and put her trust into him. He has to prove to her that he can earn her trust and that he deserves to keep it. There is so much chemistry between this couple that it is sizzling off them and I have to admit that there were times that I just wanted them to tear each other’s clothes off but they took it slow and it made their relationship that much better.

I loved Brad as a character. When we first meet him he is exactly what you would expect from a billionaire businessman with a cocky self-assured nature but that couldn’t be any further from who he really is. He is self-less giving up everything to be there for his brother and nieces and the love and adoration that he shows them will melt anyone’s heart. But the uncertainty he faces when he is trying to win over Sonia and how he feels like a lost little boy not knowing how to deal with being in love for the first time, was gorgeous to witness. If I hadn’t already fallen for him, I would have done by that point. Poor Sonia had no chance!

I actually did like Sonia as a character. She was a very strong, geeky independent woman. Her love for all things Harry Potter more than won me over. But I liked that no matter how intimidating Brad, as a BILK was, she still managed to push back. She knew she was good at her job and she maintained the relationship she was hired to do. What really broke my heart for her was her lack of confidence, anxiety and the fact she didn’t realise how beautiful she was. But as Brad showered her with love it made her believe and her confidence grew which was so great to see.

This book introduced us to some other secondary characters in both Brad and Sonia’s family. Mason having just struggled through five years in a not-so-great relationship more than deserves to find love. Also, I liked the idea of Marco, Sonia’s brother finding his happily ever after too. I cannot wait to read more books and will keep holding out to find out what is next for Brad and Sonia because that amazing epilogue made me want so much more.

Overall, I loved this book. It is a classic enemies to lovers’ story, where the character doesn’t realise that exactly what they have been looking for has been under their nose the whole time. It is a very slow burn but it is packed with enough love and chemistry to keep you addicted throughout. I loved the banter, the push-and pull behaviour between the couple and the way that the relationship develops. It is an incredibly life-like story and I loved it. I could not recommend this book more. Please bring on Mason’s story next!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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