Hold Me Today (Put a Ring On It Book One) by Maria Luis

Book Blurb:


Rock bottom has never felt so good.

At least, that’s what I tell myself when I bargain with the enemy and score a renovation for my hair salon. 

The enemy? Nick Stamos, my best friend’s older brother. 

He’s got a body and face the Greek gods would envy but his personality needs a major overhaul. 

He’s surly. 
A rule-follower.
Did I mention he’s seen me n*ked

I may have crushed on him for years, but the only place I want Nick swinging his hammer nowadays is at my salon. 

Except, he needs something in return. . . 

A fake girlfriend.

And I’m just reckless enough to say yes.

HOLD ME TODAY is a steamy slow burn romance. It’s the first book in the highly anticipated series, Put A Ring On It, and can be read as a standalone.

My Review:

Holy crap I cannot even begin to tell you how good this book is. I am not even sure that giving it a five star rating does it justice. Hold Me Today quite literally had me consumed for a couple of days and brought out all of the feels. I have read quite a few books by Maria Luis in the past and have been a fan for a while but this is by far her best book to date.

Ermione ‘Mina’ Pappas has struggled her whole life with feeling like she doesn’t fit in and not knowing her place in the world. She has been raised amongst secrets and lies that have left her feeling ashamed and lacking in confidence. She has never really felt like a part of her family or even part of the same culture due to her struggles with learning Greek. She feels like an outsider everywhere except when she is with the Stamos family who have always accepted her. Effie Stamos has been Mina’s best friend since childhood and her home has always been Mina’s sanctuary. So when Mina’s new business on the verge of ruin before it’s even begun, the obvious person to turn to for help would be Effie’s brother Nick who has his own construction business. The problem is that not only do Mina and Nick argue constantly, but actually Mina is secretly in love with her best friends’ brother and has been for years.

Nick Stamos is your typical good Greek boy. He always follows the rules, works hard and respects women. He has worked hard all of his life to give himself all the things that he never had growing up, which is how he has ended up running a very successful construction business. He has always been unlucky in love and has been exceptionally hurt in the past. But he is not disillusioned and wants to find a love like his parents, which is how he ends up as a contestant on a Bachelor style reality show to find love and he almost ends up getting engaged to a woman he doesn’t have any feelings towards. When his sister’s best friend Mina asks for his help fixing up her hair salon, he knows he will say yes but decides that he should get something in return. She agrees to be his fake girlfriend to help keep the press away after his loss on the reality show. But somewhere along the way, what was fake becomes real and Nick realises that he has spent his whole life searching for something that has been under his nose this whole time.

The relationship between Mina and Nick is exactly what you want to read about. They are so incredibly cute together. From the very beginning it is obvious that there is some pretty heavy sexual chemistry between them. When they are together there is banter and a constant back and forth but it is obvious that they don’t really hate each other the way they claim to. Mina is such an amazing character. She is so beautifully broken and realistic. She is kind, feisty and incredibly opinionated. She literally jumps off the pages at you because she is so bubbly, but when her insecurities are visible I just wanted to hug her. What I loved most about her is that she is the type of girl that you would want to be like or hang out with and that made her so real and relatable for me. But Nick, oh wow, I literally cannot tell you how much I love Nick. He is quite literally the perfect man. To the outside world he appears to be grumpy, sensible and boring but he can be oh so bad when he wants to be. Who doesn’t love a good boy that you can introduce to your mother but a dirty, talking bad boy in the bedroom. I seriously think I would have married him, so the fact his ex-left him for another man just blew my mind and she was obviously crazy. What I really loved is the way Nick has been looking out for Mina her whole life and even when he didn’t realise he was in love with Mina he behaved like he did. He is a natural protector but that was even more so when Mina was involved. When they do eventually realise their feelings they are so sexy and there are some extremely hot sex scenes that will leave you very hot under the collar.

Whilst this book is a standalone it is the first in the new Put a Ring On It Series which focuses on the characters who star in the reality TV series competing to win the heart of Savannah. Nick finishes second and makes friends with brooding bad-boy football player Dominic DaSilva and it is very clear that he is going to be the star of the next book. This book can be read without having read any of Maria Luis’s other books but there is a cross over as some of the characters also star in the Blades Hockey series and I loved the little glimpse we got into that world. But you do not have had to read the Blades series to follow this book.

Overall, I cannot express how totally amazing this book is. Maria Luis is officially the Queen of Banter and this book is full of it. The way that she writes is so fantastic and her words flow off the page and she brings the characters to life in a truly beautiful way. This book is sweet, funny and sexy. It is a slow burn but when things really do get going the sexual chemistry burns off the page and it is so very hot. Maria Luis is a truly fantastic author and not only do I recommend this book but any book that she writes because I can almost guarantee that it will be fantastic because Hold Me Today really is!

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Shame: The Early Years (Russo Saga Book 3) by Nicolina Martin

Book Blurb:

Rule One: Do not say no to Luciano Salvatore. 

Rule Two: See rule one.

Carmen never knew she had boundaries, but when the young prostitute is called to Salvatore, the infamous mob boss, she learns that even a whore can be violated: mind, body, and soul. 

Lucas dreamt of a mobster’s life. He wanted the cool suit, the expensive car, and the respect. His dreams take a pounding when he picks up the badly bruised Carmen from Salvatore’s mansion. He starts visiting the injured woman, and despite the gruesome circumstances, the chemistry between them grows into something neither of them can resist.

Then Salvatore calls for her again.

How do you conquer the monsters under your bed? Especially when you’ve let them crawl up and share it?

This is a prequel to the Russo Saga but can be enjoyed as a standalone. 

Publisher’s Note: This is a dark, steamy Mafia romance that is not for the faint of heart! It may contain triggers for some readers. There are harsh scenes and elements of power exchange.

My Review:

Wow I cannot stress enough how fantastic this book is. As most of you know when I was first introduced to the Russo family world I was very unsure and not necessarily a fan. The bad boy element of the story felt a little but too much like a pantomime villain. But the more that I have read and discovered, the more that I love these stories and the family. As plot lines go this has to be one of the best that I have read in a very long time and I am not just talking about books by Nicolina Martin but about all books.

Carmen doesn’t think that her life could get much lower. She lives in a whore house, selling herself to numerous different men each night. But Carmen doesn’t feel shame about her lifestyle as she just accepts that this is the life that she has been dealt. However all of that changes when she is paid an extraordinary amount of money to spend the evening with the main mob boss Luciano Salvatore. At first she thinks this is a great opportunity until she realises that all of the other workers are upset that she has been chosen and are saying their goodbyes. Apparently a night with Salvatore does not always guarantee a safe return home. As she is worried about facing certain doom Carmen gets into the car sent by Salvatore and meets the incredibly sexy, new, young driver Lucas.

Lucas is instantly turned on by the gorgeous, feisty girl he is tasked with driving to party with the Boss and only top level people get that invite. Lucas has been trying to make his way up in the organisation as he is tired of being a low level worker. He knows that it is the dirtiest messes that will get him more money and power and he plans to get as messy as it takes. But his focus changes the night that he collects Carmen from the party and gone is the beautiful feisty girl that he dropped off and she has been replaced by pain, welts, bruises, bleeding and soulless eyes. When Lucas decides to take care of her, something changes between Carmen and Lucas that night and it is the start of a beautiful relationship that is filled with love, healing and reading.

Lucas is such a complex character but he is still lovable. On the surface he wants to move up in the crime family no matter how dangerous that is and why still remains a mystery. But more importantly his desire to love, care for and cherish Carmen is what takes over every day. The way he puts Carmen first and always makes sure she is take care of and feels loved makes him an absolute diamond that you most definitely would not want to lose! You cannot help but love Carmen as a character. She has been through more pain, humiliation and suffering than most people can ever imagine and yet she still manages to not lose her banter and her sassy personality that shows how strong she truly is.

This is a bit of a spoiler so look away now – I particularly want to give a shout out to the birth scene in this book as it was incredibly well written. I loved the way that Mother Nature was allowed to run the show and she was constantly encouraged to listen to her body. But it held a very powerful message to take away and that is that not every mother feels the overwhelming feeling of love towards their baby that they are told they should. Women have been through a lot, particularly in this scenario. She is scared, in pain, bleeding and her senses are all over the place so when she is handed a baby she doesn’t know what to do or how to feel. This for me made the scene incredibly realistic. The decision to keep and embrace baby David was a brave and beautiful decision.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. I liked the premise of a bad boy driver falling in love with the broken whore. Everyone deserves a second chance when life is put into perspective and that is what we see in this book. It is the story of two tortured souls with broken pasts who are searching to belong in all the wrong places until they finally meet each other. This is not only a fantastic edition to Nicolina Martin’s series but I would argue it is the best so far. The writing is clever, the characters are realistic and the story is uniquely beautiful. I cannot recommend this book anymore!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available for Free on Kindle Unlimited or can be purchase here:

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Ruin (Russo Saga Book 2) by Nicolina Martin

Book Blurb:

An innocent coffee. A dazzling stranger. What can go wrong?

Anna Raymond focuses only on her work at a little custom printing company in LA. She’s become a recluse after a traumatic experience that tore her life apart. Her only close contact is with her father. And then Eric happens, barging into her life one morning at a Starbucks. When night falls, she has witnessed a murder, fought for her life, and revealed secrets she meant to stay buried forever. 

Eric Reed is a hired killer, well aware of his effect on women and how to use it to his advantage. He’s in LA for one thing only: finish the contract he’s been assigned. Anna was nothing but a means to an end, but he finds himself reluctantly drawn to the enigmatic woman, a mistake that can cost him everything. 

That long, cold night, trapped together, changed something fundamental between them. Anna must make a choice, but is it her path to happiness, or will the fervent Eric burn her to ashes?

My Review:

After reading the first book in the series I had my reservations but as I predicted in my review of Heat (book one), Nicolina’a writing style has improved immensely and the result is this fantastic book. It really is a great read that will draw you in and captivate you until you are living on the dark side. I never believed that I would be cheering for a girl to fall I love with someone who is trying to murder her but that is exactly what this book is about and that is what I felt!

Anna has had a nice life but it is nothing that would be called overly fancy. She has a good job, nice house and some reliable friends but that is it. She is close to her dad but has always put her law career first. Then a year ago she suffered a horrific attack that changed her whole outlook on life. She becomes withdrawn, shy and timid. She swapped her big time job for a no pressure, easy-going financial law job rather than the fast paced criminal law role she had before. She no longer goes out and prefers the sanctuary her house, along with nightly phone calls with her dad, brings. She most definitely is not looking for a man or even talking to the other sex. So she cannot understand why a gorgeous, confident guy in the Starbucks queue wants to talk to her about coffee but at the same time makes her feel alive for the first time in over a year

Eric Reed is good at his job. He has worked for malicious mob boss Luciano Salvatore for almost his whole life. He may not like or trust Salvatore but Eric knows he wouldn’t be alive without him after his difficult childhood. Eric is comfortable with who he is and is not ashamed that he gets off on inflicting pain. This also extends to his love of women. He likes to use, abuse and give them pleasure as long as they know it will only be the once. He doesn’t believe that his lifestyle will align well with having a woman in his life. So why, when a job goes horribly wrong one night and a witness sees Eric, is he not able to kill her? Instead he feels drawn to her and an overwhelming need to protect her.

Anna and Eric’s relationship is beautiful. The way he helps her heal and knows exactly what she needs is so delicate and breath-taking to see. I loved Eric so much. He is cocky, possessive and strong on the outside but he is also kind, caring and insecure. He is just as broken as Anna but in a very different way. Anna is such a lovely character. At her lowest, having suffered in silence for a year, she finds inner strength that she didn’t know she was capable of that helped her to heal. Eric gives her space to realise her feelings but my word is the wait agonising.

This book has an epilogue that features all of the Russo family and it is great. I love the catch up we get from Nathan and Sydney from book one. We also get a lot of information in this book about a very unhappy Christian and I am sure there is going to be a fantastic book that goes into detail all about what happened. I think this series is only going to get better.

Overall, I really loved this book. Nicolina Martin has made so many improvements since the first book and it really shows in this book. The characters are great and very realistic even in a mafia style environment. The plot is full of drama, suspense and intrigue with an extremely large amount of beautiful chemistry that leads to some hot and steamy sex. What is there not to love! I fully recommend this book and cannot wait for the next one.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Broken Hero by Aubrey Wright

Book Blurb:

From Amazon Top 10 bestselling author Aubrey Wright comes a romantic suspense story so sexy you won’t be able to put it down!

Brutal protector. War Hero. Damaged goods.

Powerful men have a certain air about them.
Garrett Shaw just sucks the air right out the damn building.

The word bodyguard doesn’t do him justice.
Handsome beast in a sharp tailored suit is more like it.

He has that look that says, “I can kill with a paperclip if I need to.”
One handshake and I could tell this man was savage.

My instincts screamed to stay away.
What is it about dangerous cocky men?

He should have come with a warning label.
“Prick in a glass jar. Break in case of an emergency!”

Well, I was in extreme danger, so I hired him.

The job should have been simple.
We weren’t supposed to get involved.
And I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant.
And the twist that comes next is so menacing, I couldn’t comprehend.

Betrayal, danger, and steamy desires are all wrapped into this full-length heart pounding romance. This book has a satisfying happily ever after that won’t disappoint!

Mr Review:

This book is a steamy contemporary romance that is full of sexual tension, grit, suspense and drama. It is full of twists and turns that will keep you hooked and make you eager to keep reading and uncover all of the books secrets.

Natalie Mayer is one of the best lawyers in the city and she is great at her job. She is smart, professional and extremely dedicated as she puts her job first. But all of that changed when she met and started dating bad boy Joey Monroe. He was a little rough around the edges and not her usual type but she gave him the benefit of the doubt because of his suave charm. However, her world comes crashing down when she discovers that Joey is actually a major mob boss. He tried to blackmail Natalie into working for him as a criminal lawyer to help him with his criminal enterprise. But Nat refuses and instead goes to the NYPD and agrees to testify against Joey, which is why she finds herself needing to hire a bodyguard to protect her. This is when she finds herself meeting the man who will not only guard her life but change it irrevocably.

Garrett Shaw is an ex-SEAL who is now a mercenary with his own security firm. He has a long history in the military that all works towards him being the best money can buy when you are looking for a top of the range bodyguard. He is strong, brooding but professional. He is all about his work and puts everything into each job which is why he only takes one job at a time. But when he meets his next client Natalie he makes her so much more than just a job. This is the first job that Garrett has taken on where he has secrets and secrets never stay buried for long.

Nat and Garrett’s relationship was really cool. Despite their professional, hard-faced appearances as individuals, all of that changes when they are together. They are incredibly sweet together and made sure that they got to know each other not just be led by sex. Their chemistry is obvious and sizzles off the page and so it was always going to be apparent that their sex is extremely hot. These two workaholics both found each other and realised that there was more to life than just work. But as always the path to true love never does run smoothly and this book features lots of twist and turns that you may never see coming!

My only negative to this book was Joey, who almost came across as a pantomime villain and I wasn’t sure really what to make of him. He definitely was not portrayed as your normal high ranking mob boss. For someone to be clever enough to run a criminal enterprise that large and important he made some incredibly stupid decisions and at times he almost seemed crazy. His character made the whole book seem a lot less realistic.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was such a pleasure to read. With the exception of Joey the characters were extremely realistic and they were great. The plot is quite different from your average bodyguard and client storyline, which makes it that much better. Originality along with suspense, secrets and lies means that this book is very addictive and will keep you entertained and wanting more.  

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available for Free on Kindle Unlimited or can be purchased here:

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2ImsQb6

Hate To Love You (Bakers Bunch Book 1) by Lily Ryan

Book Blurb:

All it takes is one kiss.
One mind-bending, toe-curling, life altering kiss to change everything. 
The night my brother faces death, I embrace life. 
I’m a mess. Until the strong arms of Cole Andrews find me.
Tears turn to kisses, and comfort to lust.
As the men in my life take turns falling off their pedestals, one man rises. 
The one I’ve wanted for years. The man I’m head over heels in love with.
My brother’s best friend. 
Cole Andrews.

Samantha Stone is forbidden. 
Off limits.
She’s been running around my head for the last year. 
In the face of tragedy, she’s left alone, vulnerable and crying in my arms. 
What harm can come of one kiss? 
One kiss leads into one night of unforgettable passion that changes everything.
I can’t let her go, but for her brother’s sake, we need to keep it secret. 
Secrets have a way of rising to the surface and destroying everything in their path. 
When they do who will be left standing? Will I lose her? My best friend? Or both?

My Review:

If you are looking for a book that is filled with angst, secrets and childhood longing then this is most definitely the book for you. It is about what finally happens when the secret love you have for your older brother’s best friend gets set loose in amongst a sea of lies and secrets and that hope that it can still survive.

Samantha has been in love with her older brother Tyler’s best friend Cole for as long as she can remember. As a child she wanted to be around him all the time and she gave up girlie things and liking princesses so that she could hang around with them and they just did boy things. Whilst on the surface it appears that Sam’s life is perfect, as she comes to turning 18 and starts preparing to leave for college her world starts to crumble. She finds out that her boyfriend is actually gay, he high school bully steps up her torture, her parents apparently perfect marriage is falling apart and she fails to see the pain her brother is really in until it is almost too late. Faced with all the pain and emotions when everything falls apart all at once, Sam is comforted by the one person who always makes her feel better and given all the pain and loss she is feeling she seeks comfort and decides that now is the right time to tell Cole exactly how she feels and she makes her move.

For Cole, Sam was always a bit more than a little sister. She was someone he wanted to protect and care for even at a young age, but for him the age difference was always obvious. But all of that changed in the last year when it became harder to ignore the beauty that Sam had grown into. It must have been obvious to his best friend Tyler who has been threatening him away from Sam for years. But on that awful night with so much emotion being thrown around Sam finally tells Cole how she feels and he is unable to resist her. Knowing she is a virgin and inexperienced, he takes his time with the promise of more and it seems like the start of a perfect relationship that they decide to keep to themselves. But nothing built on a foundation of secrets and lies ever really stands a chance. Can they work through the mess that they both caused to find their happily ever after?

I found this book very difficult to rate as I struggled to get an idea on what age range the characters were in. I know that Cole is older and he definitely acts it, but Sam was more immature than the 18 years that they suggest she is. There were times when I was literally getting frustrated and shouting at my Kindle to tell her to grow up. Her behaviour, lack of communication and generally bratty attitude made it really difficult for me to like her as a character. I wanted her to grow up, start communicating and generally fight for what she keeps saying she wants but her lack of fight really started to grate on me. Plus, I never understood whatever it was that she had with Zane. I hate unanswered questions and while she does explain little bits that did not happen with him there were too many big gaps for me.

As for Cole, I quite liked him. I understood his rationale for wanting to keep their relationship a secret and his desire to protect everyone involved. I don’t know how he kept chasing after Sam when all she did was mess him around and treat him like crap. But I liked his kind, cock, dirty talking personality and it made me like him as a character. I liked the fact that in spite of her many flaws Cole knew he loved Sam no matter what and he wanted to help her through her pain and insecurities until she trusted him. That was the redeeming quality in their relationship for me. I liked seeing how he helped Sam gain confidence, start to trust him and learn to let him in.

Overall, for me this is a book with a lot of potential but not one that I would read again. I struggled too much with finding Sam annoying and I couldn’t understand her rationale even though it is clear she is going through a lot. There is also very little back story or lack of describing qualities that for me makes a book great. We are given hints of the characters’ lives, like that they are employed or are going to college but we are not actually told what they do. Characters like Austin, Zane, Callie and Hunter are all dropped in to play little parts but they almost seem insignificant as once their little bit is over we hear no more from them. However, there were times when the description blew me away, particularly the vivid imagery used to describe both characters eyes and yet when it comes to the big ball dress reveal there is nothing. We don’t even know what colour Sam wore or what it looked like. This is the sort of description that would have immersed me in the book so much more. Finally, as I explained before there seemed to be a lot of unanswered questions and plot holes. I know that this is the first book in a series so hopefully some of the unanswered questions will get addressed in the next book, which I would love to read. I think with a bit of work this book could be great and I know Lily Ryan has the potential to be a great author just from the way she describes the characters eyes alone. I look forward to seeing what her future work has to offer. As for if I would recommend this book it will always be yes. I may not want to read it again but everyone has different tastes and I think you need to try it and see for yourself!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available for purchase here:

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/31zTtBd

Winning His Omega (The Legion Omega Series Book 3) by Leann Ryans

Book Blurb:

*** Science Fiction Action Adventure Omegaverse Romance*** This is a slow burn story.
Red is a strong-willed omega who isn’t afraid to be herself and doesn’t want anyone’s charity or protection. 

Rainor was a playboy who’s feeling the urge to settle down and something about Red keeps drawing him. He can’t resist scaring off any male that gets close to her. If he cant have her, no one can.

When the ship they’re on gets hijacked by pirates, they have to rely on each other to win control of it back. Will it finally break the stalemate between them?

This is Book 3 in the Sci-fi Omegaverse series, The Legion Omegas. This book does not end on a cliffhanger and can be read as a standalone, though it will make more sense if read after Book 2, Saving the Omegas. This book has mature content and is intended for an adult audience.

My Review:

What can I say about this book series by Leann Ryans other than to say that it just keeps getting better and better. If you have read my reviews of the two earlier books in the series then you will know I was an Omegaverse virgin when I read the first book but now have become a big fan. I thought that I had loved the other two books so much but Winning His Omega was a home run for me beating the other two without even trying and I could not put this book down.

Rainor has been a firm favourite of mine in the last two books with his cocky, bad-boy smirk and funny personality but there is so much more to him. He co-owns the mine development with Zander and cares not just about the business but the people that work for him. Having been in the military for years he knows how to handle himself and protect those that he cares about. He has a reputation for being a ladies man but has no intention of getting serious or settling down. He has never been drawn to an Omega for anything other than sex. But all of that changes when a feisty mechanic Omega called Red moves to the mines and everyone wants a piece of her, which for the first time ever makes Rainor jealous.

Red hasn’t had an easy life. Her mother died when she was very young leaving her to be raised by her father and two Alpha brothers. Not knowing any other way they raised her to be strong and independent with more Alpha qualities than Omega and she soon becomes the best mechanic that they have. But after they tragically are killed she is left into the care of her drunk, gambler Uncle who quickly loses everything that once belonged to Red. Seeing no way out he decides to sell his most prized possession – him Omega niece, which is how Red finds herself getting captured in Book Two, Saving The Omegas. When she settles in the mines and begins work as their mechanic it gives her a sense of home and belonging that she has not felt in a very long time. So she cannot risk her place there by acting on the feelings she has for her gorgeous, possessive boss Rainor. But when just the two of them need to go on a week-long supply run and things do not quite go to plan they are literally thrown together with only each other to rely upon. Are they able to deny their feelings and do they even want to?

I loved Red and Rainor’s relationship so much. It blossomed in such a natural way and it was just what I wanted to see. It was obvious from the moment they met that they had chemistry that sizzled off the page but neither know how to handle their feelings and Rainor in particular went about things the wrong way. But watching him realise his feelings for Red and grow up along the way as he makes her his priority is so great to see. I also loved Red’s sassy attitude and the fact she is the furthest to a submissive Omega that you could possibly get but that is exactly what Rainor needs and is attracted to. The push and pull quality that they have is exactly what is needed and why their relationship works so well. In a normal Alpha/Omega relationship you tend to get the Alpha demanding to mate and not wanting to let go but here the decision to mate is a joint one. Rainor doesn’t want Red to regret something that happens in a hormone fuelled heat but instead he wants her to actually choose him with no doubts. That for me was the final hurdle and I was signing up to mate with Rainor there and then! Red really stood no chance at all of resisting Rainor.

Overall, I loved this book and it is a great addition to the series. With the development of the mining town there is potential to bring in new characters constantly to keep the Legion Omega series going, which is what I hope Leann Ryans plans on doing. Although the past books have introduced us specifically to the next main characters, this book merely hints that there will be a sexy new Omega doctor coming to town and we will get her story. So I am very much looking forward to that. But for me this instalment was the best so far as it featured drama, suspense, humour, caring and a whole heap of sexual chemistry. The banter and sex that Red and Rainor produced is enough to set your Kindle on fire. This is the best in the series so far and I am almost sure that my statement is not made based on the bias I have given my love of Rainor. But either way I would recommend you give not only this book a try but the whole series. You will be pleasantly surprised because I know I was!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available for purchase here:

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2KYwryb