Broken Hero by Aubrey Wright

Book Blurb:

From Amazon Top 10 bestselling author Aubrey Wright comes a romantic suspense story so sexy you won’t be able to put it down!

Brutal protector. War Hero. Damaged goods.

Powerful men have a certain air about them.
Garrett Shaw just sucks the air right out the damn building.

The word bodyguard doesn’t do him justice.
Handsome beast in a sharp tailored suit is more like it.

He has that look that says, “I can kill with a paperclip if I need to.”
One handshake and I could tell this man was savage.

My instincts screamed to stay away.
What is it about dangerous cocky men?

He should have come with a warning label.
“Prick in a glass jar. Break in case of an emergency!”

Well, I was in extreme danger, so I hired him.

The job should have been simple.
We weren’t supposed to get involved.
And I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant.
And the twist that comes next is so menacing, I couldn’t comprehend.

Betrayal, danger, and steamy desires are all wrapped into this full-length heart pounding romance. This book has a satisfying happily ever after that won’t disappoint!

Mr Review:

This book is a steamy contemporary romance that is full of sexual tension, grit, suspense and drama. It is full of twists and turns that will keep you hooked and make you eager to keep reading and uncover all of the books secrets.

Natalie Mayer is one of the best lawyers in the city and she is great at her job. She is smart, professional and extremely dedicated as she puts her job first. But all of that changed when she met and started dating bad boy Joey Monroe. He was a little rough around the edges and not her usual type but she gave him the benefit of the doubt because of his suave charm. However, her world comes crashing down when she discovers that Joey is actually a major mob boss. He tried to blackmail Natalie into working for him as a criminal lawyer to help him with his criminal enterprise. But Nat refuses and instead goes to the NYPD and agrees to testify against Joey, which is why she finds herself needing to hire a bodyguard to protect her. This is when she finds herself meeting the man who will not only guard her life but change it irrevocably.

Garrett Shaw is an ex-SEAL who is now a mercenary with his own security firm. He has a long history in the military that all works towards him being the best money can buy when you are looking for a top of the range bodyguard. He is strong, brooding but professional. He is all about his work and puts everything into each job which is why he only takes one job at a time. But when he meets his next client Natalie he makes her so much more than just a job. This is the first job that Garrett has taken on where he has secrets and secrets never stay buried for long.

Nat and Garrett’s relationship was really cool. Despite their professional, hard-faced appearances as individuals, all of that changes when they are together. They are incredibly sweet together and made sure that they got to know each other not just be led by sex. Their chemistry is obvious and sizzles off the page and so it was always going to be apparent that their sex is extremely hot. These two workaholics both found each other and realised that there was more to life than just work. But as always the path to true love never does run smoothly and this book features lots of twist and turns that you may never see coming!

My only negative to this book was Joey, who almost came across as a pantomime villain and I wasn’t sure really what to make of him. He definitely was not portrayed as your normal high ranking mob boss. For someone to be clever enough to run a criminal enterprise that large and important he made some incredibly stupid decisions and at times he almost seemed crazy. His character made the whole book seem a lot less realistic.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was such a pleasure to read. With the exception of Joey the characters were extremely realistic and they were great. The plot is quite different from your average bodyguard and client storyline, which makes it that much better. Originality along with suspense, secrets and lies means that this book is very addictive and will keep you entertained and wanting more.  

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book is available for Free on Kindle Unlimited or can be purchased here:

Amazon UK:

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