Kiss Me Tonight (Put a Ring On It Book Two) by Maria Luis

Book Blurb:


I had it all.
The Super Bowl rings.
The hot shot TV gig.

Then I got fired.

Now I’m living in middle-of-nowhere Maine, playing assistant coach to the woman of my nightmares.

Did I mention that she and her son are my new neighbors?

If you talk to the locals, they’ll tell you Aspen Levi is the queen of high school football.
But if you ask me, my new head coach is a pain in my left nut sac.

She’s too blonde.
Too peppy. 
And way too sexy for my peace of mind.

Only, one minute we’re fighting, and the next I can’t keep my hands off her. One hot kiss. One forbidden touch. I don’t do love but . . . 

What I want, I take, and what I want is Aspen Levi.

KISS ME TONIGHT is a steamy slow burn romance. It’s the second book in the highly anticipated series, Put A Ring On It, and can be read as a standalone.

My Review:

This book is without a shadow of a doubt one of the easiest that I have ever reviewed, in fact my only problem is that giving it five stars just does not seem high enough. I thought that I would prefer book one in the series because I loved the Big Fat Greek Wedding aspect of Hold Me Today. But the further I got into this story the more it grew on me and took over everything, making me fall in love. This book is hilarious, heart-breaking and so incredibly sexy. I have said it before and this without a doubt confirms it, Maria Luis is the Queen of Banter!

Dominic DaSilva is an ex-NFL God who turned his hand to presenting, working as a football host on TV. But he has recently been fired from that post after the unwanted attention he receives after participating in the reality show Put A Ring On It. Dom is unhappy with his current lifestyle and he has always felt like he is alone, like there is something missing in his life. After suffering through a tough childhood filled with pain and abandonment, Dom doesn’t know what it feels like to be loved or accepted. Feeling like his life is being invaded by the recent press releases and constant attention he is receiving, Dom agrees to take a coaching job in a small town, in the middle of nowhere. What he doesn’t realise until he actually arrives is that he will actually be working as the assistant coach. The role of head coach has already been filled by the town’s football legend, who has just returned home after fifteen years away. The problem is that Dom’s new head coach turns out to be the gorgeous blonde woman he turned down in the pub the night before he starts his job and he has regretted turning down ever since.

Aspen Levi was an up and coming football star playing college ball and was on track to be the first female player to get drafted by the NFL. But all of that changes when she is wooed by much older football agent Rick Clarke, who promises to give her the world. They end up married and have a baby boy called Topher. Levi moves to be with Rick, leaving her friends and family behind, giving up her dream and losing her spirit. For fourteen years she is emotionally abused and manipulated by Rick, but she stays so that Topher can have parents who stay together. However, when Topher catches his dad in bed with two other women, Levi immediately files for divorce and together with Topher, she moves back to her home town. On a rare night out to try and fit back in to small town life, Levi ends up in the local bar drinking by herself, when she meets a handsome stranger dressed all in black. Part of his face is obscured by his baseball cap and the alcohol she has consumed but it is still obvious he is hot. They talk and have some amazing banter together. Levi makes it clear that she would be up for more but he turns her down. She gets a taxi home feeling embarrassed, so imagine her surprise when she sees the man who turned her down pulling into the newly bought house next door to hers. It is also very clear without his cap that not only is he a very handsome man, he is actually drop-dead gorgeous bad-boy Dominic DaSilva. Her new neighbour is also her new work colleague. But after such an embarrassing start, how can they possibly get along?

Levi and Dom’s relationship was absolutely beautiful. Levi taught Dom how to be less reckless and to just accept life for what it is and encourages him to find the beauty in the everyday. Whereas Dom taught Aspen how to find her old self that she had lost while she was with Rick. She learnt to take risks and believe in herself again. They genuinely brought the best out in each other. Their banter is so hilarious and their love shines so bright. The chemistry that they have together is off the scale right from the first meeting and it only gets hotter. If gorgeous bad-boy Dom wasn’t already sexy enough, we then finds out he is a dirty talker who likes to take charge in the bedroom. Well if I wasn’t sold before I can safely say I was then. But I was Team Dom right from the very beginning. He was so beautifully broken and I wanted to hug and mother little lost boy Dom, as my heart broke for him! As a character, Dom knows his flaws, but when he learnt he was capable of more I was so pleased. But I wasn’t just a Dom fan, I also loved Aspen. She is fierce, protective and loves with her whole heart. She mothers everyone and it was so lovely. But watching her overcome her past and with Dom’s love she learns to take risks and starts to believe in how beautiful she really is, which was so gorgeous to witness.

I was so pleased to see that we got to catch up with Nick and Mina because they are such an awesome couple. I also liked the little hints we got about the third and final book in the series featuring reality TV star Savannah Rose, the female star of Put A Ring On It. We will finally get to hear her story and see how she finds her happily ever after, but have we already met her match? I cannot wait to read this book and Maria Luis will never be able to write it quick enough for me!

Overall, I absolutely loved this book so much. I wanted to prefer the first book because I loved it so much but actually you cannot compare them against each other. This book took over my life and I literally lived and breathed Levi and Dom’s relationship. Dom is up there as one of my all-time favourite characters. The all-black wearing, bad boy, cocky, smooth talking gorgeous man will stay with me for a long time after I have finished reading, as will Aspen. There are very few books that I know I will read over and over again and I already know that this is one of those. I want to shout about how good this story is from the rooftops. You have to read this book.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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