Master of Games (Gods of Vegas Book Two) by Sienna Snow

Book Blurb:

He was my obsession. Haunting my dreams, reminding me of my past. 

He was the one whose heart I destroyed.

Pierce Lykaios was everything I could want: captivating, cunning, and controlled. He understood my darkest desires and took pleasure in feeding my every craving.

And when I walked back into his world, it was my fault for letting the first touch lead to a second. And a third. I shouldn’t have let him reawaken my need. 

Now I’m caught in his grasp with no hope of escape, unable to forget, unable to stop. 

He says this time I won’t leave him. I won’t forget him. And I’m afraid he’s right.

My Review:

If you thought the Master of Sin was hot, then just wait until you meet the Master of Games. This book is sexy beyond compare and it will have you addicted before you even realise it. This is the second book in the Gods of Vegas book series and although they both could be read as standalones you will get a lot more from the storylines when they are read together. This review will feature spoilers from book one, so if you have not read it I would advise you not to continue reading. When I read Master of Sin, I thought it was impossible to get hotter than Hagen Lykaios, but Sienna Snow knew exactly what she was doing when she created Master of Games, Pierce Lykaios.

Pierce is the middle brother of the Lykaois boys and has always had a reputation for being a hot head. As a teenager he was an Olympic swimmer and it’s during his time on the Olympic team that he meets Olympic Taokwondo champion Amelia. They became teenage lovers and were each other’s’ first for everything. They fell hard and became infatuated with each other. But external pressures forced them apart and Amelia fled to Greece, where shortly after that she married Stavros Thanos, a middle-aged millionaire businessman. The news that Amelia had fled and married so quickly after breaking his heart caused Pierce to fly off the rails until Haden stepped in and forced him to straighten out.

Now, ten years later, Pierce is a man who has achieved so much in his life and along with his brothers he runs the entertainment world of Vegas. He is a sports promoter after getting banned from swimming for going off the rails in his teens. In his spare time he likes to indulge his kinky side in the sex clubs that he owns. But contrary to what the media portrays, he doesn’t go through an endless stream of girls and has always been monogamous. He has just arranged a prized fight for his up-and-coming fighter Hugo, against one of the best MMA fighters in the business, Apollo But there is a problem, Apollo is managed by the girl that got away, Amelia. When the fighters come to America to go into training Amelia comes too and steamrolls back into Pierces life. But after he discovers Amelia’s darkest secret he gives her a choice, but to gain his silence she has to submit to him. She does this easily and it is the start of a beautiful, sexy relationship. But secrets never stay that way forever.

Ame is such a fierce and tough character who has taken on so much during her life. She has moulded herself into the image that is expected of her, so as not to ruin the reputation of her deceased husband but in doing so she has lost some of herself. Being with Pierce, she may have to give away some of her control but she gains so much more in return. He knows her body and her desires better than she does. She learns to be herself and not to bow down to peer pressure. The love that she has for Pierce is so beautiful and when she finally decides to fight for him she really does shine and it is wonderful to see.

Oh wow, I cannot tell you how much I loved Pierce. He had so many reasons not to love or trust Amelia but they all went out of the window the minute that he sees her again. He has loved her for his whole life and cannot change that, but he doesn’t always show it in the best way. His instinct is to dominate and my word, when he does it is hot. He knows how to control Ame’s body and teaches her about pleasure and pain. The sex is unbelievably hot, made even better by the couple’s intense chemistry. It is obvious despite all the mistakes they have both made, that Pierce and Amelia were meant to be together and the way they fight for that is so amazing to witness.

As you know, this is the second book in the Gods of Vegas series and I am so pleased it is not the last because I am craving more. There is another gorgeous Lykaios brother that we have yet to see. But from what we have seen of Zack, the baby of the group, so far, I am sure that his story is going to be incredibly feisty. I am guessing that it will include a certain poker player who is also Penny’s cousin, Hanna, who can’t stop getting under Zack’s skin. Just from the few interactions that we have seen, I am sure we are in for a very steamy ride. So I cannot wait for book three.

Overall, I loved this book so very much and it just made the whole series even better. This book features drama, secrets, sizzling chemistry, kinky sex and some fierce MMA fighting, what more do you want from a book. The relationship between Amelia and Pierce has had its ups and downs. They have both made mistakes and outside interferences have forced them apart but it’s clear that they have always loved each other. Now is their time to get their happily ever after! This book will draw you in, get you hooked and leave you desperate for more. You will love this back and the whole series so far.

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Master of Sin (Gods of Vegas Book One) by Sienna Snow

Book Blurb:

“It was always him…The one I shouldn’t want, shouldn’t crave, the one who could destroy my carefully built life.  Hagen Lykaios was the essence of sin, indulgence, and danger – everything I knew to avoid. All it took was one unexpected touch, and he consumed me, left me begging, needy, and hungry for more.  He said if I entered his world he would corrupt me, own me, and change all that I had ever known…and you know what? I went anyway.”

My Review:

There has been a lot of hype around how great this book is and I was so drawn into reading it. But I like to go in with an open mind and make my own judgements. Let me tell you right now that this book didn’t just live up to the hype, it smashed it clear out of the water. In fact I am still fanning myself and feeling a bit overheated as I write this review. This book is dirty, dangerous and so sexy but there is a beautiful love story buried deep within and that is what will draw you in and keep you hooked.

Persephone ‘Penny’ (Starlight) Kipos lives a very sheltered and innocent life according to the outside world. She works and is a shareholder of Kipos International, the company founded by her late father. But all is not as it seems. Before her father’s death he had been about to divorce his second wife Dara, mother of his son and Penny’s half-brother Aiden. But his untimely death, in a suspicious road traffic accident, meant that the divorce did not go through and Dara became joint shareholder with Penny until Aiden turned 21 and could take his shares. Penny has been under the thumb to Dara, in order to protect Aiden who at eight years younger, has almost being raised by Penny. Penny has put her life on hold to ensure Aiden gets his inheritance but Dara will do everything in her power to stop it. In reality she has secretly set up her own chemical distillery and created Firewater, an alcoholic drink that is selling for thousands of dollars per bottle and is in exclusive supply and demand. Penny has always suspected Dara is behind her father’s death but in order to prove it she may have to make a deal with the devil. So it’s a good thing she has been in love with him for as long as she can remember!

Hagen Lykaios has had a rough life. He was disowned by his father and kicked out at the age of 17 and he ended up roaming the streets with nowhere to go. After living rough and hungry for months and fighting off abusers he is finally taken in by Draco Jackson, the Japanese mob boss who runs Las Vegas. He took Hagen in and trained him as his own but this included being part of a criminal underworld and taking part in things that gave him a reputation that would stick. Eventually Draco came to view Hagen as one of his grandsons and allowed him to go off and conquer Las Vegas, but to know he would always be bound to him. Hagen goes on to make a name for himself and together with his younger brothers Pierce and Zack, they set up their own company, which has branched out into several industries until they own Vegas. The brothers are well known and respected but Hagen and his past are feared more of all. He has earned his reputations as the Master of Sin and it is something his tries to live up to. But again, all is not as it seems. He is not completely the bad boy the press makes him out to be. He is not a womaniser and is in fact friends with most of his ex’s. They all know where they stand and that he doesn’t want a relationship. But that might have something to do with the fact that no woman has made him feel the way his childhood friend Penny has. Now Penny is finally asking to be corrupted and Hagen doesn’t have the strength to resist.

Hagen and his Starlight are one hell of a couple. I don’t think that I have ever read a book where I could almost feel the couple’s chemistry bleeding out of the pages. They are so hot they are almost on fire! Penny, despite her innocence, has always know Hagen is the one for her and has held out until the time is right. She is determined to make something happen and act on the burning need she has for Hagen. But Hagen believes he is not good enough for her and as a result struggles to say how he really feels. This leads to Penny having doubts until she realises that actions speak louder than words. Hagen is such a complex character. He is forced into darkness with his past but that is not truly who he is. He allows the world to see the stone-cold persona, as it works for him but with his Starlight he is kind, caring and almost in awe of her. His jealousy and possessiveness actually turned her on. Hagen has loved Penny for as long as he can remember but he just doesn’t know how to say the words. But he knows the minute she gives herself over to him she is his forever. He owns her body and soul but it’s the love she gives him that helps him to see that he is more than just his past.

This book is part of a series and we are introduced to Pierce and Zack, the other Gods of Vegas who will be getting their own books, I hope! Because of the serial element to the books there are some bits of the plot that have gone unanswered and I hope they are covered in the sequel. But there are no cliff hangers that will leave you frustrated, they are just loose ends that need tying off. Plus, whilst I love the fact Hagen and Starlight agree to be together forever, I wanted to see what that looked like. I want to know what happens next.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. Hagen is a strong, alpha male who loves to dominate and talk dirty. Penny is an innocent girl with a secretive, feisty side that has loved Hagen for as long as she can remember and is desperate for him to corrupt her. This leads to a sexy, passionate, erotic relationship that sets both of their worlds on fire. This book features secrets, lies, intrigue, lust, sin and lots of dirty sex which is the perfect combo for a great book. I cannot recommend this book more and I can’t wait to start reading the next book.

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

Broken Hart (The Hart Duet Book One) by Bo Reid

Book Blurb:


The course of your life can change in a single moment. That’s how it was the day he took everything from me. Nothing would ever be the same.


They say timing is everything, and my timing has always been wrong. Then she crashed into my life. For the first time I was in the right place at the right time. And all the wrong moments had lead me to her.


She was promised to me from the very beginning but refused to accept it. Until the day I claimed what had always been mine. And yet, she still pretended we would never work, as if she had any choice in the matter.

I’ll make her mine again or take away everything she has ever loved before I ruin her all over again.

Broken Hart is Book One of The Hart Duet, must be read in order.
The Hart Duet is a medium burn, contemporary romance, trigger warnings for sexual assault, and violence.

My Review:

This book is the type of book that creeps up on you, infuses into your veins and before you know it you are so addicted that you cannot put the book down. It’s a story about giving second chances, not judging before getting to know someone and breaking society’s moulds. Broken Hart is the first book in the Hart Duet and you need to be aware that it ends on one hell of a cliff-hanger that will leave you desperate for more. It also features scenes of sexual assault and violence that may be a trigger warning for some people. But I do need to say that the scenes are tastefully written and are an important part of the plot, so whilst it may be an issue for some people, for others I hope it does not put you off.

Hartley has experienced something so painful and tragic that her life would never be the same again. But out of that darkness came a ray of light and she used that to help cope with her pain. She is learning to live her life the best way that she can when she is involved in a road traffic accident. One of the people who witnesses the accident has medical knowledge and can help her, but he is a prisoner on the prison transport bus at the time of the wreck. She is given the choice as to whether to let him be involved and help or not. But when she takes one look at him and feels a spark causing her to trust him instantly, she allows him to help and that changes both of their lives forever.

Hartley is a tough and feisty heroine. She has had a rough past which has left her more than a little broken but she is still not afraid to fight for the people that she loves. Hartley is very closed off and there were times when she failed to communicate with Kasen openly either out of fear or protection, which was incredibly frustrating. This was a part of her personality that did annoy me at times, but I could understand why she was the way she was, and it made her more relatable. Her kindness and the love she has for her family and friends made her such a great character.

Kasen is such an amazingly beautiful character. He has had a rough past and was broken by circumstance leading to him having almost no self-worth. But despite being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he accepted his punishment and is determined to right the wrongs of his past. Now faced with having to live life with his mistakes hanging over his head, he struggles with how to adapt back to society, which is when Hartley offers him a lifeline he grabs with both hands. Kasen is so sweet and kind, as well as a little bit broken, but he is the type of character you can’t help but love. Oh and every time I saw him playing with Brooks my ovaries literally hurt, that is how gorgeous they are together.

Kasen and Hartley have such a beautiful and sweet relationship. I loved how they met and the instant connection and trust that two people created in an awful situation, was so beautiful to witness. However, despite the fact they both felt the same way they allowed the pain and heartbreak of their past to influence them are were reluctant to open up and be in a relationship. What results is a beautiful friendship that slowly blossoms into something romantic and it made their relationship feel more natural and believable. They both help each other to heal and watching them learn to love each other was so beautiful and special.

This book features some fantastic secondary characters that all play an important role in the plot. They are so well written that there is potential for them to all get their own stories. I loved Sol and learning about Hartley and Sol’s childhood. They are such beautiful people and I loved the fact that they did not want to be part of the wealthy society that is expected of them. Instead they choose to look beyond labels and support people who would normally be ostracised. Sol was so kind and devoted to his family that I would love to see him get his own story and find love. Lucas on the other hand is one of those characters that is integral to the plot and you will feel compelled to hate him. I desperately wanted him to suffer a slow and painful death that I am hoping Bo Reid will be more than happy to provide in the next instalment.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. The plot is so captivating and flows easily and naturally. It is written perfectly and makes you fall into the pages without even realising until you are engrossed and cannot put the book down. Broken Hart is full of emotions and it will give you all of the feels. But be warned there is a cliff-hanger ending that will leave you speechless and desperately craving more. This book is filled with pain, drama, angst, second chances and love. It will make you question stereotypes and how society can put people into boxes with labels. But mostly it will make you fall in love with Hart, Kasen and Brooks. I loved this book and am desperately waiting for the second instalment. Hurry up please Bo, I am desperate to find out what happens next.

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Boyfriend Bargain (Hawthorne University Book One) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Book Blurb:

Top 8 Amazon Bestseller: #1 Sports Romance, #1 New Adult and College Romance
Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills returns with an all-new swoon-fest of a novel about what happens when you take a chance on love.

Broke and desperate, Sugar Ryan has no use for arrogant, bad-boy athletes . . . until she’s forced to bargain with the cockiest of them all.

If only he knew she was alive.

Her mission? Get on this hockey player’s radar any way possible.

Zack Morgan is the king of the ice and the bedroom, but nothing prepares him for the mystery girl who shows up everywhere he does–frat parties, his favorite bar, and finally his front door with an offer he can’t refuse. The only rule in her boyfriend bargain: no falling in love. But after one (um, two) smoking-hot hookups, he’s done with pretending and vows to make their fake relationship real. Too bad she can’t trust a player with a reputation for breaking hearts.

Will this hockey star score his forever girl, or will this boyfriend bargain end in heartbreak?

 ★★★★★”Steamy and emotionally intense, Boyfriend Bargain is the perfect new adult sports romance! Ilsa Madden Mills has done it again with this sexy must read!” — Melanie Harlow, USA Today bestselling author

My Review:

If I was to tell you that this book is a classic new adult love story about a star hockey player who falls in love with a shy, but quirky girl who isn’t into hockey and after a turbulent journey they get their happily ever after, you would think that you have read this story before. Throw in a bargain that the main characters have, to pretend to be in a relationship since, the male lead doesn’t believe in commitment and the female needs to benefit from his fame, and then you can see that it is a little different but has still been done before. But let me tell you now that these classic labels do not do this book any justice, it is so much more and then some! You will fall in love with this book and I wouldn’t blame you because I did too.

Zack ‘Z’ Morgan looks like he has the perfect life. He is in his final year of college and has already been signed to go pro in the NHL, but he decided to stay and play hockey for his college team to try and help them win the championship after losing last year, whilst also finishing his school work. Zack lives and breathes hockey and trains hard to be the best. Other than school and spending time with his best friend Eric and brother Reece, everything he does is hockey. He is not interested in the social standing that comes with being famous, in fact it is something that he runs away from. He has women throwing themselves at him be he doesn’t want any form of commitment. He is well known for having a woman of the month and is happy to let them think that this is true so they know he can’t offer women anything long-term. In reality Z has pain and heartbreak in his past which make him think that he is not deserving of love and so he shies away from it. But all of that changes when he think he sees a ghost from his past, when really she is actually his future.

Sugar Rae Ryan has most definitely not had an easy life. Her mum and dad did not have a normal relationship, in fact her dad was already married with two other children leaving her and her mum as his dirty little secret. Then when she turns eight years old and his wife finds out about the affair, Sugar’s dad pays them to leave town so as to not cause his family more pain. This tore Sugar and her mum up and she didn’t agree that her mum kept letting him back into their world whenever he called. But no matter what happens, he never actually acknowledges Sugar as one of his children and she never takes his name. Then as a teen her mum passed away leaving her alone and she was taken in by her mums best friend Mara, who owns a strip club. Sugar dreams of becoming a lawyer and wants to go to Vanderbilt, one of the best law schools in the country and also the school that her father and all his family attended. It is her way of saying that she really is good enough even if her Dad does not want her. But then despite having near perfect test scores she gets wait-listed and her world comes crashing down. She needs a plan and finds out that the Dean of admissions has a passion for hockey and is looking forward to Zack Morgan joining the team that he supports. This is when Sugar devises a plan to ask Zack to be her fake boyfriend and take her to the admissions meal for wait listed students, to help change the dean’s mind. The only problem is that Zack Morgan doesn’t even know that she exists. So she goes to his known hangouts in the hopes of meeting him and when they do meet it starts a chain of events that they can’t undo. But the number one rule of their boyfriend bargain is that they can’t fall in love. Will they be able to stick to their own rule and do they even want to?

Oh wow, do I love Z and Sugar’s relationship so very much. I challenge anybody to read this book and not to fall in love with Z. He is tall, sexy and powerful. He goes after what he wants and is possessive over what is his. But there is a darkness to him and he is heartbroken over the past, but hearing about his past and the guilt he feels was heart-breaking. I loved seeing how he deals with his issues and despite letting them get the better of him for a while, he does not let them beat him. I found it refreshing that the alpha male in the book was portrayed as dealing with mental health issues and wasn’t just living a life where everything came easy. This not only made him more real and relatable but actually I was attracted to him a lot more. Plus I love how he takes charge during sex and who doesn’t love a bit of dirty talking!

I also really liked Sugar as a character. She was funny, quirky and a bit of a loner. She has allowed her past and her experiences to influence her ability to trust people to prevent herself from getting hurt. This distrust is made worst by her musician ex of two years, who cheated on her for not attending every concert of his. Sugar is determined to stand on her own and be her own person. She doesn’t want popularity and is happy with the couple of friends that she has. When doubt is thrown her way about Z she knows that she shouldn’t believe it but her struggles with trust and men runs deep. She is determined not to get hurt even if that means walking away first and not giving things a chance. At times I wanted to physically shake her and make her realise how much Z loved her but it was obvious that she needed to get there on her own.

Overall, I loved this book so very much. The love that they have is beautiful and shines so bright that it is enough to keep both of their dark past at bay. I loved the secondary characters that we are introduced to in this book. Eric is gorgeous and hilarious. Reece is just as tortured and brooding as his brother, so he deserves a bit of love away from living in the shadow of his big brother. Boone is such a sweetie and his idolisation of Z is great, I would love to see more of his story. I also loved Sugar’s friends Taylor, Julia and Poppy. I think there are good stories available for all of them, particularly Julia. Although I suspect that Julia’s story cannot be told without Eric. Either way, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to whatever book Ilsa Madden-Mills produces next, because I can guarantee that I will be reading it. As for this book it is full of heartbreak, drama, anxiety, laughter, friendship, hockey and some hot as sin sex; what more could you be looking for in a book. I cannot recommend this book more and am sure I will be reading it again very soon!

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Undisputed (Book One) by Aaron L. Speer

Book Blurb:

“Speer has not just delivered a love story, but a story which had strength, fight, beauty, and a wonderfully woven tenderness. I was glued to the pages” – International Best Selling Author, Belle Brooks 

“Excellent jaunt into the fighter universe. I love this story!” – Brandi, Let’s Read Romance Book Blog 

The steamy, adrenaline fueled, Sports Romance from the award winning author of the Undeadly Secrets series that will melt your kindles, before sending them to the mat! 

Owen Gasnier is a gentleman even inside the Cage. As much of a gentleman as one can be having an undisputed record with every win by a knock out. People LOVE him. 

Overworked barista Tegan Holland doesn’t know he exists. Not until ten minutes before her friend Fiona drags her to the biggest cage fight Sydney has ever seen. 

By the time he heads back to his training camp in the States, she’ll never forget him. But should she let him forget her? He’s chasing his dream. He doesn’t have time for her. Does he? 

For Owen, the hits just keep coming. Trash talking opponents, sensationalist media, and someone’s out to ruin him for good. He can’t put Tegan in the middle of it. Can he? 

Soon, will any of it matter? Cause life has other plans, and NOTHING hits harder than life.


“Undisputed was a book that kept me on the boil. My interest was high because there always was something going on and the word-smithing was perfection… and, holy hell, there was some pretty intense scenes between Gaz and Teagan. Or should I say, classy, steamy, h-o-t” – via Amazon 

“Even if you are not big on romance you have to read it for Fiona. She is the most hilarious female side kick I have ever read. I had tears rolling from laughing at her” – via Amazon

“This was a great MMA romance. This book brings the feels with it and has you wishing the characters were really human. This book is very different from the author’s other work I’ve read but in a great way. Shows how capable the author is at creating a sports romance different than others that are written” – Book Luvr’s Cave 

My Review:

This book is the first book in the Undisputed Series, and it is a fantastic book about picking your battles, never giving up and most importantly making sure that you have people by your side that can help you win. This story is heartfelt, funny, full of angst and has an enormous amount of love and passion. Undisputed will draw you in and make you hungry for more, but prepare for it to twist you up while you read.

Owen ‘Gaz’ Gasnier is an MMA fighter who has dreamed of becoming a world heavyweight champion and has done his whole life. Owen’s father, Robert, was a top fighter but the sport ruined his marriage and ultimately Owens family life, however in spite of this he still wants to succeed. What happened to his family reminds him that the life of a fighter and the commitment he puts into training means that a relationship is not possible. Robert never wanted Gaz to make the same choices and mistakes that he did and therefore didn’t want him to become a fighter. But when Gaz does it anyway, Robert decides to stick by him and acts as his manager and trainer. They choose to face the MMA world as a father and son duo.

Gaz fights hard but fair, he’s the only competitor in his division who doesn’t attack when an opponent is knocked to the ground, instead waiting for them to get back up. This strategy works and has left him undefeated so far. He is Australia’s only MMA heavyweight fighter, so when he returns home from the US to fight it is a big deal. If he wins that fight he only has one more opponent to take down and then he can challenge to take on the champion.

After his hometown win he is taken to the meet and greet area, which Gaz loves because his fans are important to him. There are times he wishes that he wasn’t noticed by fans but he isn’t big headed or cocky, knowing that there are people out there who are doing much more impressive things that are deserving of love and support, but he is still very grateful. At the meet and greet there is a scuffle and he is escorted out of the room, which is when a gorgeous girl catches his eye right before she starts to vomit. Little does Gaz know this would be the start of a relationship that changes both of their lives.

Tegan has not had it easy growing up. She has no family and is haunted by a traumatic past, but despite this manages to remain strong and independent. She is supported by her best friend that she works at the coffee house with, Fiona. Fiona is a massive MMA fan and when one of her friends couldn’t go to the fight they gave Fiona two tickets to the big fight. Knowing Tegan has been living a somewhat shy lifestyle, she invites her along to the fight despite the fact she knows nothing about fighting and thought the Gasnier posters she had seen advertised were a band!

After putting up a fight initially she agrees to go. Tegan doesn’t enjoy the warm up matches and would even go as far as to say that she was bored. But all of that changes when gorgeous, strong, muscular Gaz steps into the cage and ends things in a few seconds with a deadly punch. She can’t help but be drawn to Owen as he is very enigmatic and almost brooding. When Fiona and Tegan realise they have meet and greet tickets they argue about her needing to socialise more and she is guilted into going. Whilst all the other girls are crowding and pushing at each other to get to Gaz, Tegan stands back instead helping herself to some prawns. But when she starts to feel sick she runs out to the garden space to vomit. Then she feels someone pull her hair back she looks up expecting it to be Fiona. Instead she meets Owen and her life changes forever.

I absolutely loved Own and Tegan’s relationship. It starts off fast, heated and passionate because they think they only have a couple of nights together and so they decide to make it count. But the more time they spend together, the more they realise they don’t want it to end and it becomes clear that their feelings are more than a fling. But Owen has to return to the US to train for his fights. So they keep in touch and agree to meet up when he returns to Australia. But sadly events get in the way and they face turbulent times ahead that tests them both as people and their relationship.

Tegan is an absolutely fantastic character. She is shy and quiet at first but there is a fierce, proud fighter inside of her. She has faced unbelievable pain and suffering and still is struggling. She pushes Owen away thinking that she doesn’t need him but not realising that they both need each other. So, when she does slowly let him in she begins to trust that he could love her and she finds strength from him. Seeing her at her lowest was incredibly sad and I was so desperate for her to find happiness.

I loved Owen so much. He is strong, honourable and incredibly gorgeous. The fact that he is prepared to give up in his dream for Tegan was such a beautiful gesture. I think while the news portrays him as a bad boy, the truth is far from it. The love, support and care that he shows Teagan when she is at her lowest was so beautiful. If you weren’t in love with him after that, wait until he starts interacting with his young fans because that will win you over and make you sign up to the Gasnier fan club for sure. I loved his strength and determination but also the fact he knew when he needed to ask for help and that is an incredibly hard thing to do. When he goes into the cage I was on the edge of my seat and felt like I was watching the fight live. That is how great the writing is!

Overall, I loved this book so much. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I felt sad, annoyed, angry, upset, embarrassed, joy, laughter and love. I didn’t know it was possible to feel that many emotions when reading one book. I know this is the first book in the series and I cannot express how much I am looking forward to the next book. This is the first book that I have read by Aaron L Speer, but his ability to create lifelike characters that are relatable and get me to care about them so much, is incredibly clever. Then add on top of that a great plotline and you have a truly great book. This will most certainly not be the last book of Speer’s that I read. Bring on book 2!

Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Kiss Me Tonight (Put a Ring On It Book Two) by Maria Luis

Book Blurb:


I had it all.
The Super Bowl rings.
The hot shot TV gig.

Then I got fired.

Now I’m living in middle-of-nowhere Maine, playing assistant coach to the woman of my nightmares.

Did I mention that she and her son are my new neighbors?

If you talk to the locals, they’ll tell you Aspen Levi is the queen of high school football.
But if you ask me, my new head coach is a pain in my left nut sac.

She’s too blonde.
Too peppy. 
And way too sexy for my peace of mind.

Only, one minute we’re fighting, and the next I can’t keep my hands off her. One hot kiss. One forbidden touch. I don’t do love but . . . 

What I want, I take, and what I want is Aspen Levi.

KISS ME TONIGHT is a steamy slow burn romance. It’s the second book in the highly anticipated series, Put A Ring On It, and can be read as a standalone.

My Review:

This book is without a shadow of a doubt one of the easiest that I have ever reviewed, in fact my only problem is that giving it five stars just does not seem high enough. I thought that I would prefer book one in the series because I loved the Big Fat Greek Wedding aspect of Hold Me Today. But the further I got into this story the more it grew on me and took over everything, making me fall in love. This book is hilarious, heart-breaking and so incredibly sexy. I have said it before and this without a doubt confirms it, Maria Luis is the Queen of Banter!

Dominic DaSilva is an ex-NFL God who turned his hand to presenting, working as a football host on TV. But he has recently been fired from that post after the unwanted attention he receives after participating in the reality show Put A Ring On It. Dom is unhappy with his current lifestyle and he has always felt like he is alone, like there is something missing in his life. After suffering through a tough childhood filled with pain and abandonment, Dom doesn’t know what it feels like to be loved or accepted. Feeling like his life is being invaded by the recent press releases and constant attention he is receiving, Dom agrees to take a coaching job in a small town, in the middle of nowhere. What he doesn’t realise until he actually arrives is that he will actually be working as the assistant coach. The role of head coach has already been filled by the town’s football legend, who has just returned home after fifteen years away. The problem is that Dom’s new head coach turns out to be the gorgeous blonde woman he turned down in the pub the night before he starts his job and he has regretted turning down ever since.

Aspen Levi was an up and coming football star playing college ball and was on track to be the first female player to get drafted by the NFL. But all of that changes when she is wooed by much older football agent Rick Clarke, who promises to give her the world. They end up married and have a baby boy called Topher. Levi moves to be with Rick, leaving her friends and family behind, giving up her dream and losing her spirit. For fourteen years she is emotionally abused and manipulated by Rick, but she stays so that Topher can have parents who stay together. However, when Topher catches his dad in bed with two other women, Levi immediately files for divorce and together with Topher, she moves back to her home town. On a rare night out to try and fit back in to small town life, Levi ends up in the local bar drinking by herself, when she meets a handsome stranger dressed all in black. Part of his face is obscured by his baseball cap and the alcohol she has consumed but it is still obvious he is hot. They talk and have some amazing banter together. Levi makes it clear that she would be up for more but he turns her down. She gets a taxi home feeling embarrassed, so imagine her surprise when she sees the man who turned her down pulling into the newly bought house next door to hers. It is also very clear without his cap that not only is he a very handsome man, he is actually drop-dead gorgeous bad-boy Dominic DaSilva. Her new neighbour is also her new work colleague. But after such an embarrassing start, how can they possibly get along?

Levi and Dom’s relationship was absolutely beautiful. Levi taught Dom how to be less reckless and to just accept life for what it is and encourages him to find the beauty in the everyday. Whereas Dom taught Aspen how to find her old self that she had lost while she was with Rick. She learnt to take risks and believe in herself again. They genuinely brought the best out in each other. Their banter is so hilarious and their love shines so bright. The chemistry that they have together is off the scale right from the first meeting and it only gets hotter. If gorgeous bad-boy Dom wasn’t already sexy enough, we then finds out he is a dirty talker who likes to take charge in the bedroom. Well if I wasn’t sold before I can safely say I was then. But I was Team Dom right from the very beginning. He was so beautifully broken and I wanted to hug and mother little lost boy Dom, as my heart broke for him! As a character, Dom knows his flaws, but when he learnt he was capable of more I was so pleased. But I wasn’t just a Dom fan, I also loved Aspen. She is fierce, protective and loves with her whole heart. She mothers everyone and it was so lovely. But watching her overcome her past and with Dom’s love she learns to take risks and starts to believe in how beautiful she really is, which was so gorgeous to witness.

I was so pleased to see that we got to catch up with Nick and Mina because they are such an awesome couple. I also liked the little hints we got about the third and final book in the series featuring reality TV star Savannah Rose, the female star of Put A Ring On It. We will finally get to hear her story and see how she finds her happily ever after, but have we already met her match? I cannot wait to read this book and Maria Luis will never be able to write it quick enough for me!

Overall, I absolutely loved this book so much. I wanted to prefer the first book because I loved it so much but actually you cannot compare them against each other. This book took over my life and I literally lived and breathed Levi and Dom’s relationship. Dom is up there as one of my all-time favourite characters. The all-black wearing, bad boy, cocky, smooth talking gorgeous man will stay with me for a long time after I have finished reading, as will Aspen. There are very few books that I know I will read over and over again and I already know that this is one of those. I want to shout about how good this story is from the rooftops. You have to read this book.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Hold Me Today (Put a Ring On It Book One) by Maria Luis

Book Blurb:


Rock bottom has never felt so good.

At least, that’s what I tell myself when I bargain with the enemy and score a renovation for my hair salon. 

The enemy? Nick Stamos, my best friend’s older brother. 

He’s got a body and face the Greek gods would envy but his personality needs a major overhaul. 

He’s surly. 
A rule-follower.
Did I mention he’s seen me n*ked

I may have crushed on him for years, but the only place I want Nick swinging his hammer nowadays is at my salon. 

Except, he needs something in return. . . 

A fake girlfriend.

And I’m just reckless enough to say yes.

HOLD ME TODAY is a steamy slow burn romance. It’s the first book in the highly anticipated series, Put A Ring On It, and can be read as a standalone.

My Review:

Holy crap I cannot even begin to tell you how good this book is. I am not even sure that giving it a five star rating does it justice. Hold Me Today quite literally had me consumed for a couple of days and brought out all of the feels. I have read quite a few books by Maria Luis in the past and have been a fan for a while but this is by far her best book to date.

Ermione ‘Mina’ Pappas has struggled her whole life with feeling like she doesn’t fit in and not knowing her place in the world. She has been raised amongst secrets and lies that have left her feeling ashamed and lacking in confidence. She has never really felt like a part of her family or even part of the same culture due to her struggles with learning Greek. She feels like an outsider everywhere except when she is with the Stamos family who have always accepted her. Effie Stamos has been Mina’s best friend since childhood and her home has always been Mina’s sanctuary. So when Mina’s new business on the verge of ruin before it’s even begun, the obvious person to turn to for help would be Effie’s brother Nick who has his own construction business. The problem is that not only do Mina and Nick argue constantly, but actually Mina is secretly in love with her best friends’ brother and has been for years.

Nick Stamos is your typical good Greek boy. He always follows the rules, works hard and respects women. He has worked hard all of his life to give himself all the things that he never had growing up, which is how he has ended up running a very successful construction business. He has always been unlucky in love and has been exceptionally hurt in the past. But he is not disillusioned and wants to find a love like his parents, which is how he ends up as a contestant on a Bachelor style reality show to find love and he almost ends up getting engaged to a woman he doesn’t have any feelings towards. When his sister’s best friend Mina asks for his help fixing up her hair salon, he knows he will say yes but decides that he should get something in return. She agrees to be his fake girlfriend to help keep the press away after his loss on the reality show. But somewhere along the way, what was fake becomes real and Nick realises that he has spent his whole life searching for something that has been under his nose this whole time.

The relationship between Mina and Nick is exactly what you want to read about. They are so incredibly cute together. From the very beginning it is obvious that there is some pretty heavy sexual chemistry between them. When they are together there is banter and a constant back and forth but it is obvious that they don’t really hate each other the way they claim to. Mina is such an amazing character. She is so beautifully broken and realistic. She is kind, feisty and incredibly opinionated. She literally jumps off the pages at you because she is so bubbly, but when her insecurities are visible I just wanted to hug her. What I loved most about her is that she is the type of girl that you would want to be like or hang out with and that made her so real and relatable for me. But Nick, oh wow, I literally cannot tell you how much I love Nick. He is quite literally the perfect man. To the outside world he appears to be grumpy, sensible and boring but he can be oh so bad when he wants to be. Who doesn’t love a good boy that you can introduce to your mother but a dirty, talking bad boy in the bedroom. I seriously think I would have married him, so the fact his ex-left him for another man just blew my mind and she was obviously crazy. What I really loved is the way Nick has been looking out for Mina her whole life and even when he didn’t realise he was in love with Mina he behaved like he did. He is a natural protector but that was even more so when Mina was involved. When they do eventually realise their feelings they are so sexy and there are some extremely hot sex scenes that will leave you very hot under the collar.

Whilst this book is a standalone it is the first in the new Put a Ring On It Series which focuses on the characters who star in the reality TV series competing to win the heart of Savannah. Nick finishes second and makes friends with brooding bad-boy football player Dominic DaSilva and it is very clear that he is going to be the star of the next book. This book can be read without having read any of Maria Luis’s other books but there is a cross over as some of the characters also star in the Blades Hockey series and I loved the little glimpse we got into that world. But you do not have had to read the Blades series to follow this book.

Overall, I cannot express how totally amazing this book is. Maria Luis is officially the Queen of Banter and this book is full of it. The way that she writes is so fantastic and her words flow off the page and she brings the characters to life in a truly beautiful way. This book is sweet, funny and sexy. It is a slow burn but when things really do get going the sexual chemistry burns off the page and it is so very hot. Maria Luis is a truly fantastic author and not only do I recommend this book but any book that she writes because I can almost guarantee that it will be fantastic because Hold Me Today really is!

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Broken Hero by Aubrey Wright

Book Blurb:

From Amazon Top 10 bestselling author Aubrey Wright comes a romantic suspense story so sexy you won’t be able to put it down!

Brutal protector. War Hero. Damaged goods.

Powerful men have a certain air about them.
Garrett Shaw just sucks the air right out the damn building.

The word bodyguard doesn’t do him justice.
Handsome beast in a sharp tailored suit is more like it.

He has that look that says, “I can kill with a paperclip if I need to.”
One handshake and I could tell this man was savage.

My instincts screamed to stay away.
What is it about dangerous cocky men?

He should have come with a warning label.
“Prick in a glass jar. Break in case of an emergency!”

Well, I was in extreme danger, so I hired him.

The job should have been simple.
We weren’t supposed to get involved.
And I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant.
And the twist that comes next is so menacing, I couldn’t comprehend.

Betrayal, danger, and steamy desires are all wrapped into this full-length heart pounding romance. This book has a satisfying happily ever after that won’t disappoint!

Mr Review:

This book is a steamy contemporary romance that is full of sexual tension, grit, suspense and drama. It is full of twists and turns that will keep you hooked and make you eager to keep reading and uncover all of the books secrets.

Natalie Mayer is one of the best lawyers in the city and she is great at her job. She is smart, professional and extremely dedicated as she puts her job first. But all of that changed when she met and started dating bad boy Joey Monroe. He was a little rough around the edges and not her usual type but she gave him the benefit of the doubt because of his suave charm. However, her world comes crashing down when she discovers that Joey is actually a major mob boss. He tried to blackmail Natalie into working for him as a criminal lawyer to help him with his criminal enterprise. But Nat refuses and instead goes to the NYPD and agrees to testify against Joey, which is why she finds herself needing to hire a bodyguard to protect her. This is when she finds herself meeting the man who will not only guard her life but change it irrevocably.

Garrett Shaw is an ex-SEAL who is now a mercenary with his own security firm. He has a long history in the military that all works towards him being the best money can buy when you are looking for a top of the range bodyguard. He is strong, brooding but professional. He is all about his work and puts everything into each job which is why he only takes one job at a time. But when he meets his next client Natalie he makes her so much more than just a job. This is the first job that Garrett has taken on where he has secrets and secrets never stay buried for long.

Nat and Garrett’s relationship was really cool. Despite their professional, hard-faced appearances as individuals, all of that changes when they are together. They are incredibly sweet together and made sure that they got to know each other not just be led by sex. Their chemistry is obvious and sizzles off the page and so it was always going to be apparent that their sex is extremely hot. These two workaholics both found each other and realised that there was more to life than just work. But as always the path to true love never does run smoothly and this book features lots of twist and turns that you may never see coming!

My only negative to this book was Joey, who almost came across as a pantomime villain and I wasn’t sure really what to make of him. He definitely was not portrayed as your normal high ranking mob boss. For someone to be clever enough to run a criminal enterprise that large and important he made some incredibly stupid decisions and at times he almost seemed crazy. His character made the whole book seem a lot less realistic.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was such a pleasure to read. With the exception of Joey the characters were extremely realistic and they were great. The plot is quite different from your average bodyguard and client storyline, which makes it that much better. Originality along with suspense, secrets and lies means that this book is very addictive and will keep you entertained and wanting more.  

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Hate To Love You (Bakers Bunch Book 1) by Lily Ryan

Book Blurb:

All it takes is one kiss.
One mind-bending, toe-curling, life altering kiss to change everything. 
The night my brother faces death, I embrace life. 
I’m a mess. Until the strong arms of Cole Andrews find me.
Tears turn to kisses, and comfort to lust.
As the men in my life take turns falling off their pedestals, one man rises. 
The one I’ve wanted for years. The man I’m head over heels in love with.
My brother’s best friend. 
Cole Andrews.

Samantha Stone is forbidden. 
Off limits.
She’s been running around my head for the last year. 
In the face of tragedy, she’s left alone, vulnerable and crying in my arms. 
What harm can come of one kiss? 
One kiss leads into one night of unforgettable passion that changes everything.
I can’t let her go, but for her brother’s sake, we need to keep it secret. 
Secrets have a way of rising to the surface and destroying everything in their path. 
When they do who will be left standing? Will I lose her? My best friend? Or both?

My Review:

If you are looking for a book that is filled with angst, secrets and childhood longing then this is most definitely the book for you. It is about what finally happens when the secret love you have for your older brother’s best friend gets set loose in amongst a sea of lies and secrets and that hope that it can still survive.

Samantha has been in love with her older brother Tyler’s best friend Cole for as long as she can remember. As a child she wanted to be around him all the time and she gave up girlie things and liking princesses so that she could hang around with them and they just did boy things. Whilst on the surface it appears that Sam’s life is perfect, as she comes to turning 18 and starts preparing to leave for college her world starts to crumble. She finds out that her boyfriend is actually gay, he high school bully steps up her torture, her parents apparently perfect marriage is falling apart and she fails to see the pain her brother is really in until it is almost too late. Faced with all the pain and emotions when everything falls apart all at once, Sam is comforted by the one person who always makes her feel better and given all the pain and loss she is feeling she seeks comfort and decides that now is the right time to tell Cole exactly how she feels and she makes her move.

For Cole, Sam was always a bit more than a little sister. She was someone he wanted to protect and care for even at a young age, but for him the age difference was always obvious. But all of that changed in the last year when it became harder to ignore the beauty that Sam had grown into. It must have been obvious to his best friend Tyler who has been threatening him away from Sam for years. But on that awful night with so much emotion being thrown around Sam finally tells Cole how she feels and he is unable to resist her. Knowing she is a virgin and inexperienced, he takes his time with the promise of more and it seems like the start of a perfect relationship that they decide to keep to themselves. But nothing built on a foundation of secrets and lies ever really stands a chance. Can they work through the mess that they both caused to find their happily ever after?

I found this book very difficult to rate as I struggled to get an idea on what age range the characters were in. I know that Cole is older and he definitely acts it, but Sam was more immature than the 18 years that they suggest she is. There were times when I was literally getting frustrated and shouting at my Kindle to tell her to grow up. Her behaviour, lack of communication and generally bratty attitude made it really difficult for me to like her as a character. I wanted her to grow up, start communicating and generally fight for what she keeps saying she wants but her lack of fight really started to grate on me. Plus, I never understood whatever it was that she had with Zane. I hate unanswered questions and while she does explain little bits that did not happen with him there were too many big gaps for me.

As for Cole, I quite liked him. I understood his rationale for wanting to keep their relationship a secret and his desire to protect everyone involved. I don’t know how he kept chasing after Sam when all she did was mess him around and treat him like crap. But I liked his kind, cock, dirty talking personality and it made me like him as a character. I liked the fact that in spite of her many flaws Cole knew he loved Sam no matter what and he wanted to help her through her pain and insecurities until she trusted him. That was the redeeming quality in their relationship for me. I liked seeing how he helped Sam gain confidence, start to trust him and learn to let him in.

Overall, for me this is a book with a lot of potential but not one that I would read again. I struggled too much with finding Sam annoying and I couldn’t understand her rationale even though it is clear she is going through a lot. There is also very little back story or lack of describing qualities that for me makes a book great. We are given hints of the characters’ lives, like that they are employed or are going to college but we are not actually told what they do. Characters like Austin, Zane, Callie and Hunter are all dropped in to play little parts but they almost seem insignificant as once their little bit is over we hear no more from them. However, there were times when the description blew me away, particularly the vivid imagery used to describe both characters eyes and yet when it comes to the big ball dress reveal there is nothing. We don’t even know what colour Sam wore or what it looked like. This is the sort of description that would have immersed me in the book so much more. Finally, as I explained before there seemed to be a lot of unanswered questions and plot holes. I know that this is the first book in a series so hopefully some of the unanswered questions will get addressed in the next book, which I would love to read. I think with a bit of work this book could be great and I know Lily Ryan has the potential to be a great author just from the way she describes the characters eyes alone. I look forward to seeing what her future work has to offer. As for if I would recommend this book it will always be yes. I may not want to read it again but everyone has different tastes and I think you need to try it and see for yourself!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Boss I Love To Hate by Mia Kayla

Book Blurb:

Dear Mr. Brisken,

How do I hate you?
Let me count the ways.

>I hate your smug, sexy millionaire face.
>I hate your cocky, skirt chasing, playboy ways.
>I hate working as your secretary–but, I love the pay. It almost makes dealing with you worth it.

>I hate how my friends call you a BILF, when really BILK (Boss I’d like to kill) is more appropriate. 

>I hate that I need you to be my date for my best friend’s wedding because my ex-boyfriend, the King of Heartbreakers, and his new busty blonde girlfriend will be in attendance.

>But mostly, I hate how once the charade is over, I might not hate you at all . . .it was so much easier when you were the Boss I Love To Hate.

My Review:

This book is a fantastic, slow burn with comedic elements that will leave you with a massive smile on your face at the end. It’s a classic love story that centres around the idea that you don’t always realise that what you are looking for in life might have been right under your nose the whole time. But when you do find them you have to fight, hold on and never let go. This book epitomises that belief and that is what makes it such a superb read.

Sonia has been working for her irritating boss for the last two years now. He is a billionaire who owns the family business with his two brothers. He is cocky, arrogant and sometimes just plain rude because he is so focused on his work and that is what makes him extremely good at his job. Sonia pushes back, not wanting to be the secretary who gets pushed about and this allows a banter to develop within their relationship. When Sonia was hired to be Brad’s secretary he had gone through six secretaries in just six months. The only job requirements were to make sure that he gets organised and to stay out of his bed, something the last ones had failed to do. But when she started Sonia was in a serious relationship and head over heels in love with Jeff and as a result Brad, despite how unbelievably gorgeous he is, soon became known as her BILK (Boss I’d Like to Kill). But things didn’t work out with Jeff and for the last eight months Sonia has been left heartbroken, not that Brad even realised or saw how effected Sonia was by the break-up. But all of that was about to change.

Brad has always wanted to find true love. He was getting bored of picking up the wrong kind of women, going on a few dates, having sex and then losing interest. It happened every time and the women did not always take his refusal well. Whilst he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his parents and older brother to find happiness and love, he is unsure if it’s on the cards for him. So instead Brad throws himself into his work and spending time with the only two female loves of his life; his niece’s Sarah, aged 12 and Mary aged 5. Brad’s family have faced so much heartbreak in the past resulting in Brad and his younger brother Mason moving into their childhood home with Charles and his daughters to help raise them. They are a very close family so when Charles and his new wife go on honeymoon for a month Brad and Mason step in to babysit. But whilst Brad is responsible for the girls Sarah gets her first ever period and he is in well over his head so he asks the only female that he trusts for help letting Sonia into his family. But she will only agree to help if he does her a favour, which he instantly agree to without even knowing what it is. She asks him to go with her to her friend’s wedding as her date because her ex-boyfriend Jeff and his new, very attractive girlfriend will also be there. Sonia has not fully moved on from her old relationship and she stalks the new girlfriend on social media causing her to feel jealousy towards her. Brad agrees to go to the wedding because he will do anything for his niece Sarah and the more time he spends with Sonia he starts to think he might do anything for Sonia too. The wedding and pretending to be a couple turns out to be the turning point in their relationship. But can Sonia forget about the past, put her job on the line and fall for her BILK? Can Brad be trusted to fall for a girl and not lose interest straight after sex?

I loved Brad and Sonia’s relationship because it developed in such a life-like and realistic way. Their relationship started off as pretend and fake until they both realised they were not really pretending at all. But then Brad needs to help Sonia get over her heartbreak and put her trust into him. He has to prove to her that he can earn her trust and that he deserves to keep it. There is so much chemistry between this couple that it is sizzling off them and I have to admit that there were times that I just wanted them to tear each other’s clothes off but they took it slow and it made their relationship that much better.

I loved Brad as a character. When we first meet him he is exactly what you would expect from a billionaire businessman with a cocky self-assured nature but that couldn’t be any further from who he really is. He is self-less giving up everything to be there for his brother and nieces and the love and adoration that he shows them will melt anyone’s heart. But the uncertainty he faces when he is trying to win over Sonia and how he feels like a lost little boy not knowing how to deal with being in love for the first time, was gorgeous to witness. If I hadn’t already fallen for him, I would have done by that point. Poor Sonia had no chance!

I actually did like Sonia as a character. She was a very strong, geeky independent woman. Her love for all things Harry Potter more than won me over. But I liked that no matter how intimidating Brad, as a BILK was, she still managed to push back. She knew she was good at her job and she maintained the relationship she was hired to do. What really broke my heart for her was her lack of confidence, anxiety and the fact she didn’t realise how beautiful she was. But as Brad showered her with love it made her believe and her confidence grew which was so great to see.

This book introduced us to some other secondary characters in both Brad and Sonia’s family. Mason having just struggled through five years in a not-so-great relationship more than deserves to find love. Also, I liked the idea of Marco, Sonia’s brother finding his happily ever after too. I cannot wait to read more books and will keep holding out to find out what is next for Brad and Sonia because that amazing epilogue made me want so much more.

Overall, I loved this book. It is a classic enemies to lovers’ story, where the character doesn’t realise that exactly what they have been looking for has been under their nose the whole time. It is a very slow burn but it is packed with enough love and chemistry to keep you addicted throughout. I loved the banter, the push-and pull behaviour between the couple and the way that the relationship develops. It is an incredibly life-like story and I loved it. I could not recommend this book more. Please bring on Mason’s story next!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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