The Enlightened (Entitled Book Two) by Cassandra Robbins

Book Blurb:

My secret’s out. Reed knows the truth.

The destruction’s done. There’s no taking it back. 

Reed took all my firsts like a shiny present. He made promises with silky words I greedily kept as truths. But the moment I faltered, he took everything away. 

Now we’re both guilty of sins.

As we come together for Grandfather Ian’s funeral, it’s time to face what I’ve done—what we’ve done. The boy I’ve loved since age eight is now a man, his rage palpable, his turquoise eyes piercing me with an intensity that sets me on fire. Each delicious kiss seems to peel away our ugly past—a past we’re desperate to escape.

They say forgiveness comes from within. Can I trust him to forgive me? Have we both been enlightened?

I used to believe in the fantasy of a happily ever after. Trouble is my life’s not a fairy tale. 

The Enlightened is second in The Entitled duet.
The story begins in The Entitled.

My Review:

The Enlightened picks up from the cliff-hanger ending of the first book. So if you have not read The Entitled then this review will feature spoilers and so keep this in mind before you continue reading. As this is a duet you have to read the first book before the second. I always worry when I love part one so much whether I would feel the same about part two. That was particularly the case because I knew that both the main characters had made mistakes and had grown into very different people, so worried that this could not live up to the feelings I got from book one. But man was I wrong. This book is so completely amazing!

Picking up from the bombshell of Reed finding out that Tess lied to him and never actually went through with the abortion. Instead he is now a father to almost three year old twins, Luke and Lily. Reed is understandably hurt that Tess, aided by Brance initially and later by all of Reed’s family, kept the twins existence from him and so naturally he is struggling to forgive Tess for missing out on everything. But Tess has, in her head, turned Reed into the bad guy claiming he left when things got rough and was in no fit state to be around the twins given he turned to drink and drugs to deal with his separation from Tess. Both Tess and Reed are such messed up characters but actually they both grow up a lot throughout this book and they are both great parents to the twins. But that obsessive love that they have for each other and the sizzling chemistry remains and they just cannot seem to get over each other!

There were parts in this book when I struggled with both characters and their personalities but this was what made them seem more real and believable. I did not want to see Reed as the bad guy at all because as far as I was concerned Tess is the one who lied and kept the kids away from him and caused him to miss out on them growing up. But if I was a mother then I wouldn’t want a volatile person who is known to misuse drugs and alcohol to be in their life either. I can see why Reed blames Tess and why he is so pained by her original decision to have an abortion but had he been my boyfriend I would have been mortified if he just left me there feeling sad and overwhelmed by all of my weaknesses. Reed knew Tess better than anyone and should have supported her and understood her feelings. I think essentially when they both realise that they have both made mistakes and they need to forgive each other before they can finally begin to move on with their relationship and possibly get their happily ever after. But can their sins be forgiven and forgotten? Is the soul-mate love they have for each other enough to conquer all?

I made no denial that I struggled with the idea of finding your soul-mates and being so obsessed at the age of eight but for this book it really does work. Even when Tess and Reed’s brains are not quite in sync their hearts, souls and bodies still are. Sex is how they learn to trust and fall in love again as they say how they really feel when they are at their most exposed. Their relationship is unusual but actually they are incredibly beautiful together.

Once again we are exposed to some fantastic secondary characters. I am so happy to learn that Jax will be getting his own book and I cannot wait! We were also introduced to Reed’s new friend David who is an ex Disciple MC member and I am very excited that Cassandra Robbins next book will feature his cousin Jason/Blade and will give us more insight into the Disciples MC. This should be a great read and I cannot wait!

Overall, I loved this book and the duet as a whole. There were times that I wasn’t sure I liked or could not relate to the characters but in a weird way it made them more believable. The way that the plot is told through different perspectives and timelines was fantastic and really helped build a thorough picture and build suspense. At no point did the timeline get muddled and as they go back and forth so much it would have been very confusing had this happened. This book is essentially a love story and that was what I loved. I enjoyed seeing how their relationships changed throughout the years as the characters developed and grew. Eventually both Tess and Reed become adults and are in the same place to accept their happily ever after but my word getting their takes a lot of work! I loved this book and the duet as a whole. I would read them again and so I would be more than happy to recommend them to people. Now I just have to sit here and wait patiently for the next book, as I am sure it will be just as good if not better than this duet!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The Entitled (Entitled Book One) by Cassandra Robbins

Book Blurb:

People say you can’t find your soul mate at eight years old. I did.

I found Reed and loved him more than I loved myself. We were young…beautiful…​entitled​.

Money and private schools, our families’ lavish parties and posh New York City apartments—it was all mere window dressing. What was real was our obsessive love, which grew right along with us as we moved toward adulthood. It consumed me, and only in his arms did I feel wanted and safe.

But I have a secret. It’s big and to some, unforgivable. And it’s why I let Reed destroy me, or maybe I destroyed us. Either way, I’m worse than broke—I’m broken.

Once upon a time, we were happy…Yet privilege has an ugly underside and in the blink of an eye, my world crashed down around me.

I don’t feel ​entitled​ anymore.

The Entitled​ is the first in The Entitled duet. Their ​story concludes in ​The Enlightened.

My Review:

Whenever I start a duet I always go into it knowing that I will not get all the answers in the first book and so I try to gear myself up for the cliff-hanger ending that I know will undoubtedly come. But no amount of preparing could have helped me with such a mic-drop ending to this book. My feelings when I finished reading pretty much summed up how I felt the whole way through, and that is the sense of needing and wanting more, but in a very good way.

This book tells the story of Reed and Tess who have been in love with each other since the day that they met aged eight. If ever two people could be described as soul-mates it would be this couple. But the path of true love never does run smoothly. The book is told from both Reed and Tess’s perspectives and starts off when they are 25 years old and obviously not together. It then goes back and tells the story of them over the years and the hurdles that they have faced. It felt so strange for me because it almost felt like I had read the ending of the book and now I just had to learn how they get to that stage. But as they weren’t together I wanted to know why and see if they get their happily ever after. The structure of the book is incredibly clever as it keeps you on the edge, giving you tiny glimpses of the future and as more secrets are exposed then more things are revealed in the present. The suspense was such a killer and had me living with this book in my hand until I finished it.

Reed Saddington is a gorgeous, rich, cocky guy who has so much self-confidence it oozes out of him. He has always been incredibly sure of himself and what he wants. Which is why at aged eight years old when he is introduced to new girl in town Tess he knows that she will be his forever and he nicknames her his Kitten. He grows up to be self-assured and entitled with a very easily triggered anger problem. Reed doesn’t really care about anyone but Tess and his twin brother Jax, and he has a very strong connection with both. But as events take place through his life, Reed struggles to deal with things properly and lets his anger or possessiveness rule, which is what gets him into some trouble. For the longest time he is so sure that Tess is his everything, but what happens when they are not together or he has to let her go?

Tess Gallagher is a shy, quiet and extremely nervous girl. She is raised in an unhappy home with an unstable mother and an absent father has left Tess feeling very lonely and anxious. But then she meets Reed and Jax and for the first time she has friends. Her friendship with Reed soon becomes more and he becomes her crutch. He knows her and her moods inside out and always wants to take care of her which is why Tess leans on him for her mood and anxiety. But all of that changes when they are forced apart. Both of them make mistakes and blame each other for them but the path of true love never does run smoothly. However, Tess knows this time she may have broken Reed’s heart beyond repair.

I loved Tess and Reid’s relationship. At first I found it difficult to understand the concept of finding your soul-mate at aged 8 but seeing how they knew each other so well and the love they had was beautiful. But it also showed that falling in love so young has its problems and they definitely did not know how to deal with the trials and tribulations of being in a serious relationships at such a young age. This resulted in them both making silly mistakes and unreasonable, hormone-fuelled demands. I found Reeds possessiveness to be a little over powering at times and Tess’s clingy, needy behaviour to be a bit irritating but actually their behaviours made them appear more real. They have an obsessive element to their relationship and it brought out the bad side of each other. But the love, care and adoration that they had for each other was truly beautiful. They most definitely had some seriously hot chemistry that was always obvious and sizzled.

Overall, I loved this book and I could not stop reading. Essentially Tess and Reed are two very broken souls learning how to be in an adult relationship and how to deal with the possessive behaviour that they feel towards each other. They have love, chemistry and passion but they also have jealousy, anger and infatuation which makes them act irrationally. They both make stupid mistakes which cause them to be apart. But the mic-drop cliff-hanger ending left me speechless and I cannot wait for the second book. I am always supportive of soul-mates finding their happily ever after but that is amplified in this book. I not only think that Tess and Reed deserve to be together and I want them to be but I genuinely feel like they need to be. I am not sure that they can live without each other. The suspense over will they or wont they end up together is what kept me interested throughout this book and has me dying to read book two. But before I go off and tell everyone who will listen that they need to read this book I would also like to ask Cassandra Robbins if she could please write Jax’s book. If you love Reed then his sexy, geeky, playboy twin brother Jax will really get you going. I loved him just that little bit more than Reed and so I cannot wait to see if he gets a book and finds the woman who makes him want to settle down. Until then I will see how Reed and Tess’s story ends and if it is anything like this book then we are in for one hell of a ride and I cannot wait!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Fade (Book Two) by Ashley Munoz

Book Blurb:

Jackson Tate and I are over. Done. Finished. 
Then again, how do you end something that never really started?
Now, three months later we’re being thrown back together for the sake of an investigation and forced to coexist.
I thought falling in love with someone who didn’t want to be loved was hard but going into witness protection with the man who ignorantly took my heart? Yeah, that was going to be impossible.

Time and distance were what I needed to forget Laney Thompson. A Jack and Jill bathroom and the bedroom next door was what I got instead. Witness protection on her family’s farm? I was skeptical too, especially with our icy reunion. But the longer I was around her the more I realized how much I missed her, needed her and wanted her. With her, it was easy to forget.
Forgot about my life and who I was, and why we needed things to fade between us in the first place. All I needed was one tragic reminder.

My Review:

I think that this book has to be the easiest five star review that I have ever given. I very rarely call a book perfect but to me this book was. From the minute I started reading I did not want to stop. It infused into my veins and I became addicted wanting more. When I wasn’t reading Fade I was thinking about it, wondering what was going to happen next and hoping for that happily ever after. This book got under my skin and I couldn’t help but love it.

Laney Thompson is broken. After suffering a traumatising event that left her with severe PTSD she began shutting everyone else out of her life except for Jackson. She thinks that her life can’t get any worse. Until one day Jackson reminds her that despite the last seven months with him, he has always said that they can never be in a relationship because he doesn’t do commitment and they part ways. The three months that they spend apart gut Laney leaving her a shell of her former self. But then her past comes back to haunt her pushing Jackson back into her life and results in them both needing to go into hiding on Laney’s family farm.

Jackson has never known love or family. Raised by his father who has shown him no love or affection his entire life, all Jackson knows is how to be alone. He has watched his best friend from college Jimmy become a dad and find the love of his life and he has always made Jackson feel like part of his family and tried to show him the love he lacked growing up. But Jackson has never been in love and is not sure he is capable of it. He is determined to live a commitment free life, seeing women for one night only until he meets a redheaded spitfire who lights up his world. When Laney suffers a trauma and she leans on Jackson for support he wants to be there for her and take care of her. But after a while fear and his abandonment issues creep in and he pushes Laney away believing that she is too good for him and deserves better but also that he is not capable of giving her the love she needs. But then fate throws them together again and he is forced to go into hiding and live with Laney and her family on their family farm. Seeing Laney with her parents and four brothers as a strong family unit is hard for Jackson and it makes him start to crave a life he didn’t even know he wanted. But is it too late for him and Laney?

I want to start by telling you how much I absolutely love Jackson. I know in this book he makes a lot of mistakes but it is genuinely done out of fear rather than lack of feelings. He really does love Laney but having never experienced or being exposed to love, and without any role models to learn from, he doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings. There were times that I just wanted to hug Jackson and cry for the lonely, broken little boy that appeared to have it all because he grew up with money but really he had nothing at all. Jackson has grown up to be a gorgeous, successful man who doesn’t have to rely on anyone but he needs to learn to allow people to love him. When he realises that he loves Laney his behaviour is beautiful and watching him try to win her over genuinely had my heart skipping a beat. He is just one of those heartbreakingly beautiful characters that you cannot help but love.

If you have read my review for the first book, Glimmer, you will know that I was initially unsure about Laney as a character and didn’t really like her. But I am not ashamed to admit that boy did I get her all wrong! She is such a tortured soul. Having once been a bright and fierce girl she has had the fight stolen from her and it has left her a shell of her former self. Laney wants to be strong but initially she uses Jackson as a crutch, so when he leaves her she falls even further. She had to learn to fight all over again but by herself this time and that is proving to be a difficult task. Then after being thrown together Jackson tried to win her over and it throws her brain and her heart. Her body and soul will always belong to Jackson but the fear of abandonment and the fact he is not able to commit to the future she so desperately wants is tough to witness. But I loved watching Laney learn to forgive and to find her spark again.

Laney and Jacksons relationship is truly beautiful. If ever you were going to use the term soul mates it would be with these two. So much fear and lack of communication gets in the way and prevents them from actually being together for the majority of the book. But Fade shows us that it is ok to need someone else in your life and that to fall in love sometimes you have to be brave and put your heart on the line hoping that the person you give it to loves you enough to keep it safe. This book is definitely a slow burn but it is oh so worth it when you finish reading.

Overall, I cannot express how much I loved this book. I liked that we saw Jimmy and Ramsey from Glimmer and got to catch up on their life. I loved the introduction of Laney’s brothers and I want the three single brothers Zane, Ty and Leo to each get their own books. It sets up Zane to be the next book lead but personally I want more of Ty. He intrigued me and whilst he will never overthrow Jackson as my favourite male lead, I still want him to try! This book has drama, angst, laughter, romance and heartbreak. It has everything you could ever want in a book and then the gorgeous man that is Jackson is the cherry on top. This book will draw you in and get under your skin. It gave me so much feels that I am sure I was almost tearing up during the epilogue and that never happens to me. It takes a lot to move me but this book definitely did. It is also not often that a second book outshines the first but this one certainly does. It shines and I could not recommend this book more.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Glimmer (Book One) by Ashley Munoz

Book Blurb:


The loyalty that binds me to the biker gang I’ve been in my whole life isn’t loyalty at all. It’s fatigue. Exhaustion from the game I’ve played for so many years. 
I’ve had fictitious freedom for five years but I knew eventually they’d be back. I was expecting it after all. 
What I wasn’t expecting was Ramsey. She was supposed to come in and out of my life, quickly like a fast-moving storm. But against her own plans, she’s been thrust into my world. The only problem is, the freedom I need is solely based on knowing the game. 
And she just changed it. 


I don’t fully know Jimmy Stenson and I don’t entirely understand him but I want him. 
Against every fiber of sense in my brain, and every morsel of caution in my heart. I do. 
He’s a single dad- with the world’s cutest kids. He’s my boss. He’s my enemy….and after a strange kind of agreement; my friend. 
He’s going to ruin me if I don’t get free of him. 
Too bad the skeleton’s in his closet had the same idea. 
Biker gang…Motorcycle Club…The Brass…none of it mattered when it all ended with me tied to a chair, begging for mercy from a demon in a leather cut

My Review:

This book is nothing like you are expecting and when you start reading it will literally take over your whole life until you finish it. This is Ashley Munoz’s debut novel but is nothing like you would expect from a first book. It is a slow burn with romantic suspense elements that will leave you with emotional whiplash but ultimately a smile on your face.

Single dad Jimmy has been on sabbatical from his MC ‘The Brass’ after their leader Davis allowed him to take some time out to be with his family after his wife Lisa abandoned him and his two young children. Jimmy had no choice but to join the MC as his father Theo was a member. But when Jimmy’s mum died her final wish was that her boys get out of the life for good and so Theo fought for his freedom. Jimmy however was not granted freedom, just some time away with a reminder that when the club calls he should answer.

Jimmy has spent the last five years focusing on being a good dad to his daughter Jasmine and his son Sammy. He started off working odd jobs and living with his dad. But when he finally had enough money Jimmy and his best friend Jackson bought a restaurant, which has quickly become a success. Jimmy now runs the restaurant after Jackson moved to Chicago and acts more as a silent partner. Jimmy’s whole life is his family and his work, which leaves no time for women or dating. He is still traumatised by the departure of his wife five years ago. When Jackson moves back to Chicago they are in need of an accountant and Jimmy sets up an interview with his favourite candidate but has no idea how much that will change his life.

Ramsey’s whole life has changed in such a short space of time. After being let go from her job and finding out that her mother’s cancer is now terminal, she decides to leave her life in Chicago behind and moves back home to be with her mum. Her best friend Laney is the only person that she will really miss and they agree to stay in contact. But Ramsey is still struggling with the idea of facing life without her mum. Then she gets offered a job interview that could seriously help their financial situation and she is more than qualified to be the restaurants accountant. However, on the way to the interview Ramsey has the fright of her life when she is nearly in a car crash after some seriously reckless driving from a motorcyclist. Then when she pulls into the car park of the restaurant she is shocked to see the biker is there and he is actually young and gorgeous. But that doesn’t stop her from ripping him a new one for his driving before walking away to get ready for the interview. So imagine Ramsey’s surprise when she walks into the interview and he perspective boss Jimmy is the gorgeous biker she just yelled at.

After Jimmy refuses to interview Ramsey she drives back to town and finds a local bar called Sip ‘n’ Sides where she drown her sorrows. The kind old man who owns the bar offers her a bartending job which she happily accepts. When she arrives the next day to start she is bowled over when she meets his amazing grandkids and agrees to babysit them. Later on in the evening when she is making drinks, a customer starts harassing her and she is rescued by the bars other boss who turns out to be Jimmy, who happens to be Theo’s son. Ramsey cannot believe her luck and is shocked that Theo offered her the job after listening to her insult his son. Then she remembers the grandkids she has offered to babysit and realises that they must be Jimmy’s but says she will still do it as does not want to let them down.

Even though Jimmy and Ramsay’s relationship gets off to a frustrating start it becomes very clear that they have feelings for each other but they have both been burned in the past. With so much at stake they agree to write down how each of them feels and what their dreams are for the future before sealing them in an envelope. They agree to spend six weeks getting to know each other as friends and then if they both want more at the end of that timescale then they will have a good foundation to build on. As a result this book is most definitely a slow burn and there are more twists, turns and frustrating events in that six weeks than I can possibly begin to explain but I was literally hooked.

Ramsay was such a difficult character to figure out but there were aspects of her personality that I loved. One thing I loved was how she cared for her mum and how she wanted to make her the centre of her universe until she passes away. I also loved how she took on Theo, Jasmine and Sammy and made them a part of her world. Even when her future with Jimmy was unclear she wanted to be there for the kids and I respected the hell out of her for that. But then comes her behaviour with Jimmy and whilst I could understand her fear and the fact her priorities are messed up because of her mum, I did find myself getting frustrated that she was pushing Jimmy away for irrational reasons. I wanted her to fight for Jimmy. But then events happened and I saw a braver side to Ramsey which I liked. She tried to be strong but her insecurities bled through and she became very relatable then. It is only natural to have fear that you might lose something you want so much but in the early stages they hadn’t even labelled it as anything, making her behaviour a bit irrational. But I did like how her character progressed through the book and the way she handled her trauma was very brave and beautiful.

Jimmy was such a gorgeous character and it is difficult not to like him. After everything that he has been through in the past it is not surprising that he knows heartbreak and has abandonment issues. His children are his whole world and when you see him being a dad to them it literally melts your heart. I am sure the tattoos, bad-boy looks and motorbike help to break your heart just that little bit more as well. Watching the way that he deals with his feelings for Ramsey was maddening but I understood his behaviour as he has an awful lot to lose.

Their relationship builds slowly, goes through enough twists and turns to give you whiplash but comes out the other end shining brightly and I loved it. I enjoyed how the storyline emphasis was placed on them getting to know each other and dealing with their issues rather than the just falling into bed together. As a result this book has so much chemistry it steams off the page and when you finish it will give you all the feels.

Overall, I loved this book. The only negative I had was that it felt like the book was maybe a little too long but when I think about what bits I would have cut I struggled to answer that. So maybe the story is exactly the length it needs to be but for me as a reader it felt a little too long. I loved the secondary characters that we are introduced to, specifically Jimmy’s best friend Jackson who is out of this world hot. It turn out to be a very small world when Jackson becomes enamoured by a crazy girl at his new work who just so happens to be Ramsey’s best friend Laney. They too appear to have a rocky start, or at least I hope it is the start that will be carried over into the next book. I am eager to learn more about Jackson as he stood out. But I also want to know more about Laney as in this book I did not really warm to her as a character, she came across quite selfish and needy so it will be interesting to find out more about her. But this book drew me in, captured my attention and left me with a great big smile on my face. I would definitely recommend it.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Emma by Stacey Broadbent

Book Blurb:

Fame, success, addiction…

A simple kiwi girl turned Hollywood superstar, that’s what they call me.
After a few too many drinks at one of the biggest awards ceremonies on the planet, I make one of the most epic faux pas of the century; I try to run off with someone else’s award. You’d think it would be enough to put me on the scrap heap, forever known as, “that has been actress from New Zealand”. As luck would have it, a plucky drunk is just what the Ramirez brothers are looking for.

Turns out, they’re not the only ones.
Literally falling into the strong, capable arms of my neighbor, Brock Appleby, I can’t help but turn into a bumbling idiot whenever he’s around.

Hardworking, kind, and a gentleman to boot, Brock is everything I need, and nothing I feel I deserve. Running from a past that won’t let me forget, it’s no wonder I turn to the only thing that dulls the senses; alcohol.

Can I overcome my past and forgive myself, or will I let my addiction take hold and drag me down?

My Review:

This book is really something special and I don’t think that I have ever liked a female lead as much as I have with Emma. She is funny, quirky and incredibly flawed which is what makes her more real and relatable. She is the reason that I became consumed with the book and did not finish it until 3am after reading it all day. It is addictive and after the first chapter it will draw you in and make you want to know what other shenanigans Emma will get herself into.

Emma Jones is a relatively new Hollywood star after coming over from New Zealand three years before to chase the dream. After working hard she finally makes it and one of her films leads to a nomination in the category of Best Actress at the Oscars. Whilst on the surface Emma’s life seems perfect she is running from her heart-breaking past and the only way that she can forget is to self-medicate with alcohol. Emma is sure that she does not have a problem, that she just likes a nice drink or ten. This is how she finds herself stood on the Oscar stage accepting the Best Actress Oscar that was meant for Emma Stone. When she is told of the mistake instead of giving up graciously she runs off trying to steal the Oscar and has to be thrown out by security, all whilst it is filmed for national television.  

For most people that sort of humiliating experience would be the end of their career but luckily for Emma new producers Bo and Blake Ramirez decide to give her a chance on a new role that they think she would be perfect for. Ironically the role involves playing a drunk who ends up losing everyone in her life. But the Ramirez brothers have a bad reputation and their father Marty is right hand man to local gangster Al Breakwell. So when Emma is offered the part she knows that she is taking just as much of a chance on them as they are on her.

Wanting to help Emma to improve her image Blake invites her to parties where she can meet influential people. Blake and Emma quickly become friends and she agrees to a fake relationship with him to help him deal with his own personal demons. But the parties cause more problems for Emma as she does not mix well with alcohol, particularly when they attend the party of a Hollywood legend Tony Bradford who takes an unhealthy liking to Emma and is known for getting exactly what he wants.

Whilst all of this is happening in her professional life, back at home after a run in with reporters we see Emma scaling the wall to her next door neighbours’ house to escape. But the wall is higher up than expected and as she falls she is saved by her incredibly gorgeous, southern cowboy neighbour Brock. This is the start of their hilarious, turbulent but incredibly sweet relationship.

Emma is such a likable character and you cannot help but feel for her. It is obvious that she is hurting herself with her drinking but she is so traumatised by her past that she cannot see it as a problem. The pain and guilt that she carries around has caused her a lot of deep self-loathing and it is hard to witness. But when Emma is with Brock it is like she allows herself to be the real Emma who happens to be very funny, quirky and so very clumsy. She gets nervous and says inappropriate things in front of him and is always embarrassing herself. She accepts that she does not have the traditional type of Hollywood beauty, instead being shorter and curvier. But Brock really does have a way of making her believe that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and I loved that.

Brock is the kind of guy that every girl, particularly one with a screwed up past, needs. He is patient, kind and loving. He knows that Emma has a problem and a past that she is running from but he gives her the time to build up trust enough so that he can help her with her issues. His southern cowboy style is so hot and when he takes Emma to his ranch to teach her how to live a laid back country lifestyle, I found myself wishing it was me. The way that he bestowed his love and adoration on Emma, particularly when she thinks that she does not deserve it, is beautiful. I challenge anyone not to fall for the hot, smooth talking cowboy after that.

Emma and Brock’s relationship develops slowly with Brock wanting to treat her like a lady and not rush her straight into bed. They take their time getting to know each other and gradually they fall in love. But Emma still struggles to talk about her past and she is worried that when Brock finds out the truth that he will push her away. But by not trusting him she risks having the same outcome.

Overall, I love this book as it was so incredibly funny. There were times that I actually covered my face with my hands and felt genuine embarrassment for Emma. But at the same time I wanted to hug her and fix her. I think that is the sign of a great writer that Stacey Broadbent was able to create a character that I was so invested in and cared for so much. But she was also able to create a strong male lead that broke the mould. The handsome, strong cowboy was so kind and caring for a nice boy. Normally male leads are alphas or bad boys but Stacey was able to create a lead that was a nice boy which was great. I loved their relationship and how sweet it was. There are no steamy sex scenes in this book but you do not need them. I could see the chemistry and feel the heat anytime they are together. I loved the epilogue and it definitely left me with all the feels. But my only issue was that Blake’s story went unfinished. We never got to see if his story worked out or if he gets his happily ever after. But maybe that’s a story for another book? However, I can absolutely recommend Emma to anyone. I am sure you will be laughing, cringing and smiling right through to the end as you fall in love with Emma the way that I did!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Blue (Savages in Ruin Book 1) by Jane Anthony

Book Blurb:

They say a single moment can change the course of your life. 

Mine wasn’t a moment, but a man.

We were wrong for each other in every way, yet it didn’t stop me from wanting him. The broody, arrogant rock star on the verge of self-destruction. His touch was electric, his wounded gaze burning me from the inside out. 

He was perfectly imperfect. 

Irresistibly tortured.

Utterly broken. Almost as broken as me. 

Our jagged edges aligned so seamlessly even I believed we might have healed each other. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

*This is book one in the STAND ALONE Savages in Ruin rockstar romance series

My Review:

Holy crap did this book quite literally leave me with my mouth wide open and speechless, but in the best way possible. When I picked up Blue to start reading it I saw the gorgeous rock star on the front and was imagining this book to be your typical bad boy rocker romance. You know the one where he is a player right up until he finds the right woman, his whole world changes and they finally settle down for their happily ever after. But boy was I wrong! As they say do not judge this book by its cover. Blue is full of angst, darkness and secrets. It drew me in and I literally could not stop reading it. I think I read it in one whole sitting as I could not put it down. With ever chapter development or plot twist I just needed more and became consumed. Before you read on I want to apologise for the vagueness in this review but for you to fully appreciate this book for what it is you need to go in blind and without any spoilers.

Wyatt Blue is a tortured rock star who is living in complete exile after a cruel twist of fate took everything from him. He self-medicates on alcohol and drowns himself in self-pity. His depression and mental health is worsening to the point where he has decided to end his own life. Whilst out driving, contemplating his fate, he meets a beautiful stranger who changes his life for the better.

Willow is a girl who is running away from her past. After the loss of her father months ago she has been feeling broken but her memory since then is fuzzy. Willow appears small and fragile but when she is with Wyatt there are times when she finds strength and they engage in friendly banter just like two ordinary people getting to know each other instead of two people who are running from their past.

The longer that Willow and Wyatt spend together the more that their relationship grows. Wyatt tries to stay away, worrying that he is only capable of corrupting and that he would never want to hurt an angel as pure as Willow. But Willow wants to save Blue and she will do whatever she can to help him. Their relationship is incredibly sweet, beautiful and sexy. The few sex scenes that we do get are gorgeous to witness and the draw that they have to each other, along with their chemistry is so obvious and heart-breaking to see. But Wyatt needs to heal from his past and feel like he is worthy of being loved by someone like Willow before they can have anything serious. However, Willow also needs Wyatt’s love to help her to heal too. But the secrets and plot twists make what initially appears to be an easy relationship story, far less simple than it sounds!

Overall, I loved this book so very much. I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel after reading this book. I had a preconceived notion of what to expect from the book and could not have been more wrong. Even with the plot twists and changes I was still guessing the plot line right up until at least 70% of the way through. It is the secrets, angst and drama that will keep you addicted to this book and if you are anything like me you will choose to read this instead of functioning like an adult for the day! There is plenty of time for that on other days. I am glad that this book is the first in the series and that there is a follow up instalment. I cannot wait to read it. I literally cannot stop bragging about how awesome this book is and I plan on shouting it from the rooftops about how much I think that you should be reading Blue!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Savior by Fiona Cole

Book Blurb:

He bought me, but not to touch or taste. He bought me to save me, and to atone for past sins.

Handsome and mysterious, he swoops in to offer me a new life, but this is no knight in shining armor. He’s cold, hardened by his past. But there’s an inferno underneath the ice, I can feel the heat each time he looks at me—each time he gives in to the desire between us.

No matter how much I push to unleash the fire in his eyes, he shoves back harder each time. He’s merciless with his cruel words, telling me how naive I am, how little I know of the world. 

But I’m stronger than he thinks. 

When we face down our demons from the past, I’ll prove which one of us was in need of saving, and which one of us is the savior.

My Review:

The tag line to this book is that ‘he came to buy my virginity but took so much more’ and that was more than enough to catch my attention and draw me in. But Saviour is so much better than you would possibly expect just from that tag line alone. It is gritty, funny and oh so very sexy. It will make your body cover a whole range of emotions and am sure at least once you will become frustrated at your kindle. But ultimately you will have no choice when you finish the book to feel happy and have a massive smile on your face.

Alexandra is a shy, innocent yet strong 19 year old girl. She lives in a trailer along with her older sister Leah and Leah’s boyfriend Oscar. They are drug addicts who waste all the money that comes into the house despite Alex working two jobs for it. Both girls come from a hard background having lost both their parents and experiencing pain and hardship. It has made Leah closed off from the world and she sells her body to give Oscar and herself the drugs she needs. But Alex has never wanted that life for herself. She has always wanted to stay strong and protect her sister but having not eaten for several days and with no money to her name she realises she is in a difficult situation with not a lot of options. She needs money fast so she decides to sell the only thing that she has left worth any value – her virginity for $10,000. When she puts the advert out there she worries she may have made the biggest mistake of her life but little does she know it would be the best decision she ever makes.

Eric owns his own successful IT business along with his best friend Ian. He spends all his time working and when he isn’t his reputation with the ladies has earned him his playboy title. He never stays with them overnight, never gives a promise of more and is all about just sex with them. Eric is not looking for a relationship and will do anything to avoid getting into one, making sure to avoid women who give off the impression of wanting more. But the pain and heartbreak in Eric’s past has left him with a fear of abandonment and losing those he loves. So he limits the amount of people that he cares for and then there is less people for him to lose. Eric is so scarred by the past that it has led him to become a vigilante hell bent on protecting women who are being sold as sex slaves.

When Eric gets the call from his IT dark web hacker Jared that there is a woman selling her virginity he acts quickly. Normally he pays an extraction team of experts to go in and save the girl before helping her with the aftercare. But one look at the girl in the photo has him going into the rescue alone, particularly when he finds out that she is not being sold by other people but is selling herself.

When Eric and Alex meet there is obvious chemistry. Eric can feel a pull to this girl and it is that which caused him to feel anger that she would put herself into such a dangerous situation. So when Eric rescues Alex he goes against his normal protocol and takes her back to his house and offers her a future that she could never have even dreamed of. But the path to true love never does run smoothly. Can Eric get over his fear of commitment enough to stop pushing people away and let Alex in? Can Alex let go of her past or will she keep giving the people who should love her, the power to hurt her?

Eric is one of those characters that it is impossible not to fall in love with. Despite the fact that for the first half of the book he acts like an idiot and you want to shake him, all of that seems to fade away when you see all the good he does. He seems to have two sides to him; the dark, brooding, no-nonsense businessman who keeps everyone at arm’s length. Then when he does let people in he becomes a kind, funny and incredibly sweet guy who is impossible to dislike. As I said, for half of the book he is incredibly exasperating and does all that he can to hide his feelings for Alex, but I love the little slips that he has and his moments of caveman style jealousy. The pain and heartbreak in his past are so much a part of him and the guilt that he feels from it is heart-breaking to see. I hated seeing him closed off from the world but when he does finally open up he is so funny and sexy that it was lovely to see. Alex never truly stood a chance!

Alex has known more pain and suffering in her life than most people could possibly deal with. Not many people know how bad life has to get that you are willing to sell something as precious as your virginity. But in spite of everything Alex remains hopeful and the more time that she spends with Eric, the more that she comes out of her shell. Watching her blossom into a beautiful, confident, smart girl with hopes of a future, college and a job was so stunning to witness. I loved how caring Alex was, as in the face of everything that she has experienced it would be easier to become hardened to it all but she doesn’t and it made her a much more likable character.

Alex and Eric have so many hurdles standing in the way of their relationship and they most definitely do not get off to the best start. Eric does not think he is good enough for Alex and pushes her away but when they do finally get together it is a thing of beauty. It brings out the best parts to both of their personalities and their love makes each other whole. Their chemistry just increases as the book progresses and my word does it burn off the page. I loved the dirty talker that Eric became and the way the he took charge in the bedroom but always made sure to put Alex first. The sex scenes are very steamy and were very needed to show how their relationship progresses.

This book is part of the Voyeur world and is the third in the series. They are standalones and you do not have to have read the earlier books but it might help. I have not read the first book Voyeur but I have read Lovers, which is book two. Characters from Lovers featured in this book but you would not lose any of the plot or get confused if you have not read it. I liked the nice glimpse of Jake and Jackson that we got but it was Carina that featured the most in this book. She was such a great character in Lovers and I was sad that she did not get her happily ever after. However, the epilogue suggests that she may be about to in the next instalment and I cannot wait. For this reason alone I suggest that you read the other books in the series.

Overall, I loved this book so much. I loved the drama, the brooding, the humour and the sizzling chemistry. Eric and Alex are two fantastic characters that have a lot of adversity standing in their way but you cannot help but want them to fight through it to find each other. The book makes you think that Eric is Alex’s saviour but I think that there is a very good argument for her being his. This is a beautiful book to read and I completely devoured it. I could not put it down because I was so invested in the characters that I had to know what happens. This not only makes me very eager for the next book but it also makes it very easy for me to recommend this book to you. I am sure you will not regret it.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Marcus (Signature Sweethearts Book 6) by Kelsie Rae

Book Blurb:

Moving in with my little sister’s best friend isn’t the brightest thing I’ve ever done. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can have me committed for accepting the offer.
I’ve been in love with her for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been able to keep my hands to myself for all these years. But now? Now, she’s moving on without me and I’m scrambling to keep up without letting her slip through my fingers when she’s always been just out of reach.

The guy I’ve been in love with since I was a little girl is officially shacking up in my spare bedroom. Pretty sure I’m breaking every rule in the book by having him sleep under my roof, but it doesn’t matter anymore.
Not when I’ve already let go of my silly crush to pursue other dreams that don’t involve sexy guys who have only ever seen me as his little sister’s shadow.
No, it’s time to let him go and move on. I just hope I can.

My Review:

First of all let me say that this was the easiest five star rating that I have ever given and if it was possible to give something higher then I would have done. This book left me with a warm feeling in my stomach and the biggest smile on my face. I gave up food and sleep to read this book and I am not sure I even spoke to my boyfriend until I had finished it. But it was totally worth it to read this gorgeous love story. Marcus is the sixth book in the signature sweetheart’s collection but they are all standalones. Whilst some characters that have been introduced in the other novels feature heavily in this book you do not need to have read the others. I have not read any of the previous books and had no problems following the story and keeping up with the characters.

Marcus is the brother of Sophie that we are introduced to in an earlier instalment in the series. He is a professional gamer who is not known for settling down. He is fiercely protective of his three sisters, particularly newly pregnant Sophie. Wanting to be close to his sister after she announces her pregnancy, Marcus tells her that he wants to move to New York to be closer to her and asks to stay with her. Sophie says yes to get him there but what she doesn’t tell him is that she has moved in with Nathan, her boyfriend and father of her babies, meaning Marcus will just be sharing with Sophie’s lifelong best friend Natalie. Which would not be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that Marcus has been in love with Natalie for as long as he can remember.

Natalie is a sweet, innocent, yet sassy baker who moved to New York with her childhood best friend Sophie. They have always been a duo but now that Sophie has a boyfriend, is pregnant and they are spending less time together, Natalie is feeling lost. She feels likes she needs to find out who she really is and follow her own dreams for a change. But a gorgeous spanner is thrown in the works when the boy she has been in love with since she was five years old suddenly becomes her roommate. Natalie believes that Marcus who is a gorgeous yet cocky player, is so far out of her league that it’s not even worth dreaming about but that doesn’t stop her. Until one day her fears are confirmed when she hears him telling his friends that he only sees Natalie like a sister and that she is not his type. Hurt and feeling ugly Natalie decides it is finally time to move on from her childhood crush. But with some meddling from Sophie this is the kick that Marcus needs to see that Natalie won’t be waiting around for him forever. This is the start of their beautiful, sweet relationship but will it all come crashing down when Natalie’s big secret is exposed?

I don’t really know how to describe the relationship that Marcus and Natalie have other than that it is heartbreakingly beautiful. Natalie is such a likable character who always puts other people first. She is incredibly kind, caring and innocent but with a sassy side that comes out more with all the love and support that she receives from Marcus. Marcus is also a gorgeous character who is over protective of everyone that he loves but is always willing to compromise to make them happy. He is funny, sweet and sexy which for me makes him pretty perfect. I struggled to understand, given their chemistry and the undeniable heat between them how they managed to put off being in a relationship for so long. But as the saying goes it is better late than never.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book so much. It was sweet, gorgeous and an all-round feel good book. I completely devoured it and I know that Marcus and Natalie will stay with me for a long time to come. The epilogue was so great and it guaranteed that I will be reading every future book in the series as soon as they are released. Also as soon as I get a spare couple of days I will be reading all of the earlier instalments in the series. I almost feel that I am doing Kelsie Rae a severe disservice by not having read them before, but I will be rectifying that soon. Then I will be more than happy to update you on if I recommend the full series, even though I am sure that I will but for now I will say that you should unquestionably go out and read this book because you need to have Marcus and Natalie in your life. I guarantee that this book will brighten up your day and will leave you with a warmth in your stomach and a smile on your face.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Gone For You (All For You Book 1) by Jennifer Van Wyk

Book Blurb:


I wasn’t expecting to find you. The night was only supposed to be a celebration for my friend, but I couldn’t stop my heart, or body, from being drawn to you.

Then I got to know you, and you chipped away every wall I’d built around my heart.

You don’t know how many times I found reasons to talk to you. To see you.

It has to stop.

There’s distance between us I can’t control.

Damn you and your dimple for being so irresistible.

I wish I wasn’t so Gone for You.


I knew I wouldn’t be able to let you go the night you walked into my bar. Everything in me screams to keep you close.

I’m ready to move forward, to stop making excuses to see you, but I know you need more time.

You’ve created this distance between us to protect your heart, but you have to know it’s safe with me.

The moments you give me aren’t enough.

I want you forever and I’ll stop at nothing to make it happen.

After all, I’m so Gone for You.

My Review:

This book is not full of soap opera theatrics or lots of big emotional drama. It is simply a beautiful, gritty book that features real life characters, real situations and real emotions. That is what makes this book so breathtakingly beautiful and an absolute joy to read. I was completely drawn into this book and I literally could not put it down until I had finished it and I know that anyone who reads this will feel the same.

When Olivia is 17 years old she goes to visit her older brother at his new apartment and on her way into the building she meets a gorgeous guy who takes her breath away. They have a bit of banter together in the stairway before she finds out that her ‘hotstuff’ is actually her brother’s friend. Nothing happens but she never forgets the way he made her feel.

Ten years later Liv travels to her friend Lily’s birthday party at a pub called the Flying Goat. Liv has been through her fair share of rubbish men who have broken her heart and left her ruined and swearing off men, which is why she struggles to understand the inexplicable draw she has towards the gorgeous, cocky bar man. They begin talking and flirting and then Olivia realises the man she is drawn to, who she is starting to have stronger feelings towards than she ever has before, is her brother’s best friend Ethan, A.K.A hotstuff.

Ethan has put everything he has into making his bar, The Flying Goat, a success. He lives a simple life with no ties and is happy with his life the way that it is. Being raised by a single dad and abandoned by everyone else in his family because he was illegitimate as well as being born to a white man and a Mexican woman has left him with abandonment issues much deeper than even he realises. He has never really thought about wanting a relationship until a beautiful, quirky, funny blonde walks into his bar and steals a lot more than just his attention.

Not wanting their interaction to end, Ethan invites Liv to breakfast the next morning and that is the start of things to come. But life has put some pretty serious roadblocks in their way. They live in different states and need to figure out if they can handle being in a long distance relationship? Ethan has a fear of abandonment, will Liv be another person to leave him and break his heart? Liv is broken and doesn’t trust men or thinks she deserves to be loved, can she let Ethan in enough to love her and trust that she is more than enough? Will two ordinary people who find each other after all those years, overcome the obstacles to get their happily ever after?

Ethan is one of the best characters that I have read about in a while and he is just so freaking adorable. Not only is he gorgeous, cocky and sarcastic but he is also kind, caring and sensitive. There are parts of this book when Ethan reveals just how amazing and kind he is that made me literally want to shake Liv because I was falling in love with Ethan and I couldn’t understand how she possibly wasn’t falling at his feet. There were times when we got to see Ethan’s insecurities and elements that he said did not bother him in his life, but it was obvious he was actually heartbroken and I really felt for him, which naturally only made me love him more. Even when he did something stupid! He’s just one of those characters that you can’t help but love.

Surprisingly, I also loved Liv as a character. Normally when I love the male lead I am not overly keen on the female lead, maybe it is book boyfriend jealousy but I can’t help it. However, that did not happen in this book. Liv was funny, sweet and incredibly normal which I found refreshing. She was quirky and made stupid mistakes when they were on dates. She got word vomit when she got nervous and all that made her feel so real and relatable. It took me back to dates that I went on with guys that I liked when I could not help but do or say stupid things as a result of my nerves. Liv is also incredibly secure in her body and is not bothered about Ethan seeing her without make-up or with messy hair and this made me like her even more. However, under the surface Liv is very emotionally troubled. She holds a lot of deep-seated pain and insecurities that stem from her parents cheating, a controlling ex-boyfriend and being cheated on herself. She has a fear of commitment that makes it difficult for her to accept that Ethan wants her and that he is in the relationship for the long haul. Fear makes her do stupid things and I found it so frustrating, but simply because I wanted them to work things out!

Ethan and Liv’s relationship would definitely be called a slow burn. They start off as a long distance relationship and get to know each other through texts and calls. This makes their relationship grow based on more than just chemistry and sex. But it cannot be denied that when they are in the same room sparks fly. The chemistry between them is obvious for all to see and this reflects when they get into the bedroom. The way their relationship develops sexually is incredibly hot to witness. I loved watching two normal people start a normal relationship and watched it grow waiting for more.

This book introduces us to some amazing secondary characters. My favourite being the smart, sexy, sarcastic barman with the geeky glasses called Rex. I am more than thrilled to learn that the next book will feature Rex and the new girl we meet just at the end of the book, Chloe. Their relationship will definitely impact the characters in this instalment and so I am looking forward to seeing how both Ethan and Liv, and Rex and Chloe’s stories progress and intermingle.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. It is gorgeous, gritty and real. It will draw you in and make you want more. The characters are so real that they are impossible not to like or relate to.  It definitely proves that anything worth having in your life forever is more than worth the wait. The story is simple but fantastic at the same time. To write what is essentially just a normal relationship, with normal fears and hurdles to overcome and then turn that into an emotional, intriguing and beautiful book is a real talent. Jennifer Van Wyk should be incredibly proud of this book and I cannot wait to read the next instalment. Please do yourself a favour and read this book as I guarantee you will be smiling at the end.

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Just Neighbours (Blue Beech Book 4) by Charity Ferrell

Book Blurb:

Every day, my neighbor tells me to have a good morning.
Every day, I tell him to f*ck off. 

Kyle Lane is the town’s hottest cop. 
He’s also the man I’ve despised since high school. 
Each morning, he stands on his porch with an annoying smirk on his perfect face.
He’s made it his life’s mission to get under my skin. 

Until one day, he’s no longer on his porch but on mine. 
He claims he wants to redeem himself for ruining my reputation. 
My instincts tell me to stay away, but with each morning he shows up, it becomes harder and harder to resist his charm.

I was never supposed to fall in love with my neighbor and once he finds out my secret, we’ll forever be enemies. 

(An enemies to lover romance.)

My Review:

Oh my word, it is hard to sum up a book like Just Neighbours other than simply saying that it is amazing. It drags you in, chews you up, spits you out and holds you until you are whole again. To say this book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions would be a massive understatement. I laughed, I got angry, I smiled and I almost shed a tear and finally I found myself audibly sighing with relief at the end. This book has more drama than a soap opera but it is breathtakingly beautiful to read.

Every morning town policeman Kyle says good morning to his gorgeous neighbour Chloe and every morning, without fail she replies with a curse. But Kyle and Chloe are more than just next door neighbours, they have known each other for years and went to school together. Then after one disastrous school dance their lives are irreparably changed and Chloe vows to hate Kyle forever.

However, years later Kyle has grown up and he is pining for the girl that got away. Although Kyle and Chloe grew up together their childhoods could not be more different and they both grew up in different environments. Chloe is from the rough part of town whereas Kyle’s father is the mayor and they are from an affluent area. They are from two very different worlds and Kyle’s family do not approve of Chloe.

The more time that Chloe and Kyle spend together makes her realise that Kyle is not the same kid he was in high school and she is slowly learning to forgive him. But will she ever completely trust him? Will she be able to forget about the fact that they come from different worlds and feel like she is actually good enough for him? Or will secrets and lies tear them apart?

Chloe is such a beautiful character. She is feisty yet timid at the same time. She has been hurt severely in the past which has left her heartbroken but when she does love she does it with all her heart. The love, care and tenderness she shows for her niece and nephew is beautiful and all she wants is to protect them and save them from having the life that she had. She has been through so much hurt and heartbreak in her life and it is amazing that she has remained so strong. I really wanted her to hear Kyle out sooner and to be more understanding but at the same time we all know there are few pains in life that rival that of a teenage heartbreak. Her pain throughout the book was hard to witness but seeing her grow and find happiness was beautiful to witness.

Kyle, oh wow what can I say about Kyle. Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning to a gorgeous topless police officer wishing you good morning every day? I loved Kyle’s cocky, egotistical banter but it was clear from the beginning that it was just teasing and he really was a nice guy. The love and adoration that he showed Chloe was beautiful. I hated when Kyle got hurt and how he reacted, but it did make his character seem more realistic and genuine. However when he sets aside his pain to support and care for Chloe in her time of need, he went up even more in my estimation. Then he puts himself and his heart out there with no safety net and I completely fell in love with him. Not only is he crazy sexy but he can rock a bedroom with a bit of dirty talk which is enough to win over any woman.

This is the fourth book in the Blue Beech Series, but they can all be read as standalones. I have not read the previous books so I can confirm that you don’t need to have read them to be able to follow the plot. However, characters feature in this book that are in the other books and this may be a spoiler. For me however, it was not a problem but it did make me want to go out and find all the earlier books in the series that Charity Ferrell has written, to see if they are all this good. I really hope that they are.

Overall, I could not recommend this book more. There is so much going on in this book with plot twists, secrets, lies and suspense that it will keep you addicted for hours. But it is the happy, funny, sexy parts of the story that will leave you with the feels and you will have such a big smile on your face as you look for the other books in the series to devour. I literally could not put this book down and I would most definitely tell people to read it. Congratulations to Ms Ferrell on an amazing book and I look forward to reading a whole lot more from her!

Note: I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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