Welcome to my new blog!

My Name is Emma Luna and welcome to my blog about all things romance novels. I absolutely love settling down with a good book and blocking out the outside world. I think that is the key to a great book, if it can make me block out the world and forget all about my horrible adult responsibilities and want to be a part of that world then it’s a winner!

My love for books came from Harry Potter (like most people) as this was the first time i read a book and genuinely wanted to be a part of the world. As i grew up i moved towards young adult romance novels and quite literally fell in love with the idea of a great book boyfriend. But as i got older i wanted more from a romance novel and that is when i discovered new adult and contemporary romance literature. I loved the inclusion of a bit of sex into my romance and it added an extra layer to the stories.

It is my love for all things ‘Chic Lit’ that has driven me to start this blog. With the increase in indie authors deciding to self publish it means that there is even more access to great books that you maybe couldn’t get hold of in print. I love reading a book by a new author, falling in love and then going and reading their entire back catalogue because i realised that the way they write has caught my attention. When this happens i literally want to shout about the book or the author from the rooftops and this blog is the ideal platform.

I want to point out that my reviews are all my own completely honest opinion and they will feature spoilers from the books. My opinions are literally that, an opinion and part of what makes this world so great is that everyone loves different things. You may read a book that i recommend and hate it and a book that i am not so keen on may be your favourite. That is why i will never tell you not to read a book, in fact if i am not so keen then i will say the opposite. I will encourage you to go out there and see if you feel different because there will be people who think so. If you have a book you think i should read and review then please tell me because i love reading new things. If you are an author and would like me to provide you with an honest review then you can contact me through the contact page and i would be very happy to read your book.

I look forward to starting some great conversations with you about all things romance and i cant wait to discover new books and new authors. I hope you all enjoy my blog and like reading my reviews!